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Sunday, September 04, 2022

Tastybaam Kitchen chef banks on zeal, strength, good connections - ITREALMS

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tastybaam Kitchen, Ketu-Lagos, Aribidesi Mariam Bolanle, spoke with ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSI on number of burning issues. She harps on the zeal, strength to work, money for startup for equipment and good connections.
Bolanle of TastyBaam Kitchen


What is your line of skill specialization in the industry?
I'm based on indoor/outdoor catering services, Cakes barbeque, continental & Intercontinental dishes.

What prompts you into the industry? 
I developed interest in pastry right from my high school because there was an Aunty-a neighbour who is into making of Chinchin, doughnuts for business whom I followed, monitors and assist most times till night when she returned home. Also, my mother is a good cook; prepares party foods which fueled my zeal in catering services as well. I later enrolled at Yemkem Catering School, Lagos for a year course in Catering & Hotel Management between 2010-2011.

Your initial fear when you started and how did you overcome it?
I got funds from family and friends when I wanted to start. My fear was how do I start, express myself in public, how to face customer because I'm a quiet and shy person. I even asked my manager if there's any possibility that I would sell! However. to the God's Glory I was able to break the yoke of fear.

Any experience with unsatisfied customers?
Yes! There're some customers that're naturally rude, there was a particular day I wanted to attend to a customer, and he said 'you are an idiot' I just calmed now while my workers watched with keen interest based on my comportment.

How do you handle difficult customer?
I maintain calmness especially when I noticed their irrational behaviour because "two wrongs can't make a right." When you make noise with a customer, you're looking for more trouble,so just keep quiet and let them be by apologising in order to keep a good image about yourself and business.

How lucrative is the indoor and outdoor catering services?
It's very profitable and rewarding.

How do you combine baking and catering services especially when faced with back to back orders?
Simple, I source for more assistance to help out; I love collaboration.

What does it take to run a catering services?
You need to have zeal, strength to work, money for startup for equipment etc, make friends and good connections.

What qualities should a newcomer possess as a Caterer?
He or she should be outspoken, passion for rendering catering services, patience and versatile.

Your personal likes and dislikes?
I likes honesty, being around good people while I dislikes backbiting.

What keeps you going in business?
Smiles....Yeah! My passion for cooking and the desire to be successful "money makes the world go round "

Any favourite food or soup that you like preparing and why?
I like to cook any kind of rice; Chinese rice, fried etc. Both continental or local rice. However, for soup it's edikakong.

Any memorable day at work?
The first day I made enough sales before 4pm instead of waiting till 11pm.

What do you think about teamwork?
Teamwork is a good thing especially in Catering services, you need cooperation as you can't do it alone to avoid flaws.

What do you like to do for fun'
I love pool or beach side, hanging out with friends, catch cruise and good vibes but these days I'm busy 

Have you faced any challenge at work?
A day I made a spicy jollof rice and the customers said "se jollof rice la ng je tabi ata? (Are we eating jollofrice or pepper?" This made me felt embarrassed.

What do you like to do while working?
Music inspires me while working, into the rhythm.

Your favourite food? 
Rice with vegetables.

As a baker, are your team fondant, buttercream or whipped cream?
I worked well with whipped cream frosting.

Your best working tools as a baker?
Smiles...my pallete knife and smoother.

Any experience in the corporate world? 
I've not worked in an office, even as a Chef in hotel or eatery; I've always been in the kitchen because of my passion for cooking; which is paying.

What great offer would make you grab a position? Reasons.
Probably a managerial post as a head Chef, while the pay must be high for me to agree.

How would you describe the baking Industry?
The cake industry is full of creativity. Cake designs have grown beyond the traditional style. There're new innovations in the industry with more prospects.

Can you compare or weigh the increase cost of ingredients for food service and baking?
Which is costlier? And more profitable?

Baking ingredients is 4x costlier than before, to bake a cake now is high compared to food.
The profitable one is food service presently.

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