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Sunday, September 11, 2022

New entrants must remain focused, because sky is their starying point says CEO, MSM Cakes - ITREALMS

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The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MSM Cakes 'N' Cream, Lagos, Onowighose Adline Elo, in this chat with ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO, advises new entrants to remain focused, insist, the sky is the starting point.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MSM Cakes 'N' Cream, Lagos, Onowighose Adline Elo

How did you get your brand name (MSM)?
Smiles ... It's from my children's name; Marvellous, Solace and Mildred (MSM).

What is your line of skills in the Industry?
I'm into Cake-making, catering services, rentals and event decorations.

How did you ventured into the Industry?
This was through a discussion with a colleague; then, I was a teacher. We were just discussing about skill acquisition - handiwork, admiring anyone with handiwork being better than salary earners. This prompted my readiness to go into learning and desired to become a boss of my own.

Did you have any fear at the beginning of your business?
The fear was on how to manage my time, that is time management; because leaving teaching job, that already have fixed time for closing time, holidays etc now venturing to no more of such freedom coupled with the fear of customer's calling and requesting for things at any time.

How many years have you been in the Industry?
Five years.

How has it been since you started?
Smiles...Fantastic! because it's moving in stages. 

Any challenges in the Industry & how did you overcome it?
Challenges! Not really!! because all challenges are like eye-opener; an opportunity to attain new level.
Therefore, I learn to face it then I overcome it for greater exploits.

Having been in the industry for a while how would you access the baking industry?
Is full! It's over loaded as every family has a cake maker or baker.

How do you handle difficult customers?
I just smiles to soften their mood.

As a cake artist and event decorator, which one is more convenient and why?
Being a Cake artist is easier to some extent; because as an event's decorator, you will be the first to arrive an event and the last to leave the venue.

 What inspires you while working?
A conducive environment; all available tools/accessories in place.

Your most memorable day?
Waoh! Memorable day, I can't mention any per say because once I deliver jobs and customers are happy this makes it memorable for me. So I get a lot of memorable days. 

How do you balance family front with your event/baking considering the fact that both are demanding?
I have capable hands while most times my husband is not always around(Travel) so this helps me a lot. 
However, whenever he is around. I don't allow business to interfere with my family.

Your hobbies?
Adventures to places of interest, jokes.

Your likes and dislikes?
I likes straight forward people. Dislike is lies.

Your favourite food?
Swallow with any good soup.

What category of bakers would you place yourself?(buttercream, fondant, whipped cream queen etc)
I am a master in all because I handles all cake frosting based on customer's request.
Cake product from MSM Cakes
How do you take time to relax?
If no job that takes my time outside my home. I sleep at 8pm, this allows me to relax enough all through the night. 
But whenever I've busy week, I take a day off to rest because stress affect my voice-quality (crack voice).

How do you manage stress when handling back-to-back bookings/orders?
Whenever I have back to back jobs I use the opportunity to do my tiktok video, while the uploaded video, gives me inner strength.

What tops your priority when planning an event as a decorator?
The budget from the customer.

How do you keep up with latest trends relating to events decoration?
Photos from venue decorations.

What events do you enjoy planning most and why the preference?
Weddings and birthdays; I'm more more comfortable with such events because it's more of celebration while people don't cry unnecessarily.

What qualities should an event decorator possess?
An act of creativity, he or she must be easy-going, jovial because as a decorator, if you are not approachable you cannot win some obstacles.

What would you do if a customer requested a cake design you had never attempted before?
I will have to work with a boss that I know can do such.

Can you describe a time that an event did not go as planned and what did you learn to avoid or put in place, what would you have done differently?
Actually haven't experienced such but I will just focus on the important point like stage setup/arrangements then move on.

Your advise to new entrants in Cake & event industry?
They should face their fear and remain focused, as the sky is the starting point.'


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