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Sunday, June 05, 2022

Training, collaboration are key for startups in bakery industry says BobFoldollars boss - ITREALMS

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A certified baker based in Ikorodu-Lagos, Mrs Oluwafunmilayo Adebimpe Obileye of BOBFOLDOLLARS CAKES 'N' EVENTS underscores training and collaboration as key for startups. She spoke to ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO.
Mrs Oluwafunmilayo Adebimpe Obileye of BOBFOLDOLLARS CAKES 'N' EVENTS
Your Educational Background?
I attended Anglican primary school, Ogudu - Ojota,Lagos between 1981 to 1986, before, I proceeded to Ogudu Grammar School, Ojota, Lagos where I had my Junior classes. Then, Bariga Comprehensive High School, Ifako- Gbagada, Lagos from1990 to1992. However, I attended YWCA Vocational Institute, Moloney-Obalende, Lagos with a Certificate in Catering & Hotel management. Also, Diploma in Catering and Hotel management from Nigeria Opportunity Industrialization Centre (NOIC) Lagos1995-1996, among other certifications.

How did you come about your brand name?
My brandname was formed from my children's name; Adebobola = BOB, Adefolahanmi = FOL and Adedolapo = DOLLAR which cumulated into BOBFOLDOLLAR BAKERS 'N' EVENTS.

How many years have you been in the baking and event industry?
To God be the Glory, it has been twenty-two years (22) and still counting.

What is your area of specialization in the industry?
I specialized in baking, catering services, events management, event decorations and trainings as well.

How did you combine these major skills and come out as the best?
Actually, it's been Lord's doing because God is my pillar. I have realised that when you are passion-driven all becomes a gold mine. I devotes my time and put all my ability in my business which has been working for me.

What inspires you into the industry? 
What really inspired me into this industry is a long story because I and my siblings were trained by a widow; I lost my dad at a tender in 1982. While we were six (6) in number then, It wasn't easy for my mother raising up half team because we were not born with silver spoon though, we got the best education. However, my mother being an educationist, gave us the best she can afford.
And to cut the long story, short; I have always wished to cut a birthday cake while my mum can only afford soft drinks and biscuits; my desire for a birthday cake aided my professionalism as a baker.

How do you cope when faced with covering the 3-in-1 orders? Like bake the wedding cake, decorate the venue & caters for one thousand guests?
Teamwork is the key; collaboration because I have capable hands whom I delegate duties to make my orders effectively done while I supervise and work with them as well.

How has the baking industry been especially with the high cost of ingredients?
(Sighs) In fact this has been so worrisome, the rate at which price of baking materials keeps increasing everyday is alarming but I still work within client's budget.

What keeps you going on in the industry?
Waoh! The passion I have for the job and the diversity of business coupled with the fact that I have to meet up with daily earnings.

How do you relate with low budget client that requires a skyrocket event decorations?
Smiles...a simple explanation does the magic because I will advise them to allow me to work within their budget; not allowing them giving me 5-stars decorations for a token.


Any memorable experience?
Countless... just let me mention a few especially during the COVID-19 lockdown; I was just busy with surprise packages and online training classes on buttercream for beginners/Master bakers. Also, I covered a full event for wedding while at the end of the event the client appreciated me for a job weldone with extra payment.

Your likes and dislikes?
I likes honesty and cherish integrity. While I dislikes lies and liars; people that thought they are indispensable; whom assumes without them things can't be done.

What brought you into catering services & event Industry as well.
The passion I have for cooking at a tender age makes me to acquire more knowledge to be a full time as caterer, while I beautifying a space to make it inviting and alluring ignites my Event's passion.as 

Are you different from other perceptions about you?
(Smiles) Actually some people thought that with my action and looks that (I) 'BOB' is harsh or unapproachable. Whereas, I am a straight-forward person whom don't pretend; I'm blunt; will tell you the fact and forget it rather than keeping grudges.

 Is it possible to survive in the industry without a Mentor?
Waoh! Nice question. It is possible and impossible because this centres on individual's choice but I have a mentor.

Your advice to upcoming bakers and event decorators?
Get adequate training then upgrade in your chosen career in order to meet up with the latest styles in your chosen skill. Also, the upcoming bakers and event decorators should be contended.

What does it require to be a caterer?
Attend the certified chef course and obtains the certificate.

What advice/logistics would an upcoming needs as an event decorator?
My candid advice for upcoming decorators is that they shouldn't rush to accept job; do your costings to avoid untold story and end up messing up client's job.

How do you relax after a tedious work?
I normally give myself a day off to eat and rest (relax) throughout the day.

What keeps you going while working?
Listening to music but sometimes with chewing gum to energise.

Does being an entrepreneur outweighs the corporate world?
Yes, of course. In the sense that being an entrepreneur makes you a boss, one is able to face and determine your task ahead without any interference.

If given an opportunity to change the baking industry, what would you do?
Waoh! I would like to put a standard in regulation; so that the road side bakers/unprofessional bakers can be flush out.

Your favorite food?
My best food is jollof rice, fried plantain, garnish with vegetables.

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