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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Mushin-Odi-Olowo Igbo-speaking community confers Obijiogu, Ezendigbo - ITREALMS

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The Mushin-Odiolowo Igbo-speaking community in Lagos State, has conferred Monday Lawrence Obijiogu as Eze Ndi Igbo (king) tittle, Ezedioranma 1 of Mushin-Odiolowo community, reports 
The conferment, which held at Papa Ajao and Ladipo Market area, has in attendance different traditional rulers both Yoruba and Igbo speaking communities in Lagos State.
Obijiogu said, he was not the one who demanded for the tittle but the well-being of the people in Mushin and Ladipo Market to reward him for the good works he has been doing.

“I am only Igbo man that has been conferred with Babaloja in Ladipo Market, therefore I work with Lagos State government. I was conferred Ezeokolobia before, but now I am Eze Ndi Igbo in Ladipo Market and I need support of the traders in order to move the market forward.”

Asked what plan he has for the youths in the market? He said “All the people I have been working with they are all youths, therefore, I have been trying to sanitize youths.

“As we all know Ladipo Market is a market where you see all manner of young people however; I am doing my best to bring them out of their evil ways and put them on the right paths in order to become better people in future”.

Obijiogu advised Igbo youths to make sure nobody uses them for political thugs for up coming 2023 general elections, rather to be a peace loving people in their various communities.

“I love Igbo culture so much in fact, it is my priority and because of this I will lead my people well, I will be their servant and not their leader”.

In terms of insecurity in the country, Ezedioranma said, he is committed to ensure that ,Ladipo traders are secured as he often partner with security agencies to ensure security of life and property in the market and it environs.

Media Director of the palace Mr. Uche Samuel Okpara, said that Monday is feeding over 100 Igbo indigent families in Lagos and caring for all their needs however, because of his philanthropy the Igbo speaking Community decided to confer him with Eze Ndi Igbo (king) in order for him to do more good works.

“Monday Lawerence Obijiogu, is from Mgbidi in Imo State, a successful businessman, fighting for Igbo course, a goal getter,” he said.

*Paul Adunwoke/Editor

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