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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Buttercream queen, Temitayo Ajayi advises 'determination, commitment are ways to excel' - ITREALMS

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Buttercream Queen and Director of TYlicious Cakes and Events, Lagos, Temitayo Ajayi  told GBEMI OMOTOSO that with determination and commitment, exceling is assured.


Buttercream Queen and Director of TYlicious Cakes and Events, Lagos, Temitayo Ajayi

How did you coined your brand name?

I just picked ideas from around and added my initial "Ty".

Your educational background?

I attended Akanji Nursery and Primary School, Surulere,Lagos; Then, Community Senior High School, Surulere, Lagos,2004. Also, I had Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Accounting; 2013. Higher National Diploma (HND) in 2016 from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, graduated as an Accountant in 2016.

When did you venture into baking industry?

I started fully in 2018.

As an Accountant with a possibility of being in the Banking sector, what prompts your change of profession?

I've always loved baking and cooking. My first training in baking was in 2006 after Secondary School; While waiting for admission; Likewise while schooling I was off and on baking.

How has it been as a baker?

It's been awesome thanks to God, despite it's high and low. But with determination and commitment, I’ve been able to excel.

With the recent hike in baking materials, how has it been with patronages?

The unpredictable rise in baking materials is scaring. I just have to find a balance in order to maintain quality. Though it's not been easy convincing the clients, but everyone understands the situation of the country.

If given an opportunity to lead in the baking industry, what change(s) would you make?

Price uniformity will top my priority then there should be good relationship among bakers this would foster the industry's expansion.

cake from TYlicious Cakes and Events, Lagos
Have you ever encountered a difficult customer?

Yes! Sighs! A client once asked for a refund of a cake on the basis that she wasn't satisfied with what she got (Cake delivery). However, I didn't argued with her rather I explained to her calmly how it's not going to be possible; most times picture deceives and this makes them feel cheated when the reality of the cake is delivered. However,  she was able to understand and reasoned with me on the cake order.

 How did you get your clients?

I got my clients mostly through referrals.

What keeps you going in the industry?

Determination and passion for  baking has been my driven-force.

Any experience in the corporate world?

None! Except during my one-year, Industrial Attachment (IT) after my Ordinary National Diploma (OND) programme.

Would you opt for baking industry if a juicy offer is given in the corporate world?

Except if it's a civil-service appointment which would avails me the opportunity to have time for baking as well. But to quit, No! I doubt If I can do that.

How do you plan your time when baking?

Actually, most times, I bake based on orders having the delivery time in check.

Considering long distance, how do you handle delivery?

If its too far, I don't take it because of delivery-charges which most clients might frown at except if it's a wedding cake.

Have you ever encountered ‘Cake accident?’


How did you handle the situation?

Sometimes I have to bake again, but I've not really encountered any serious one that affects delivery.

Your Memorable Day?

Smiles... The day I won my first gas oven on Instagram. "Iroadebaking oven" was giving out a two-layers gas oven on "cakeitwithherientta’s” page in which bakers that required an oven were asked to comment; thus I commented because I was using a charcoal-oven. However three of us were shortlisted from the various comments. We were asked to send pictures of the oven we were using at that time which i did and emerged a winner that was a few years ago in 2019 to be precise.

Your likes and dislikes?

I likes singing, cooking and visiting nice places. However, I dislikes Lies and taking people for granted.

What baking skills do you intend to improve?

Advance wedding cake class and dessert classes.

Where do you see "TYlicious Cakes" in five years?

Waoh! I"ll still be in the business expanding and gaining more recognition home and abroad by God's grace as well as in a bigger cake studio.

What is your best tool as a baker?

 My mixer and pallet knife.

Are you a buttercream or fondant queen?

I’m a Buttercream Queen.

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