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Friday, June 10, 2022

Bakers are unique entities to reckon with says Hamidat of Purple Rose - ITREALMS

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An Abuja-based Creative Director of Purple Rose Cake Studio, Hamidat Adeyosola Adelakun-Adetunji, told ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO that  baking industry has come of age, and it’s a unique entity to reckon with nowadays.


Creative Director of Purple Rose Cake Studio, Hamidat Adeyosola Adelakun-Adetunji

Let’s meet you?

My name is Hamidat Adeyosola Adelakun-Adetunji, Creative Director of Purple Rose Cake Studio, Abuja.

What’s your educational background?

I attended Da’arus Salam Nursery and Primary School Ibadan, Oranyan Grammar School, Oyo, I got my first degree in B.A International Studies & Diplomacy from the prestigious University of Benin (UNIBEN) while my Masters, M.Sc in Peace & Conflict Resolutions from National Open University (Noun) in 2017.

How did you coin your brand name?

Waoh! Purple Rose was borne out of my favorite color which is purple. I love purple very well then I love flowers especially "Rose" that's how my brand name emanated as ‘Purple Rose.’

How did you venture into baking industry?

I started in 200 level while in the university, then I baked for my friend’s  matriculation, room's week, birthday and so on.

How has it been since you started?

Alhamdulilah Robilallahm! It has been good though not rosy; Purple Rose has been progressing compared to years back. Alhamdulilah!!, it's been going well.

Any challenges in the Industry?

At the initial stage, my major challenge was visibility; making my business known to potential customers and acceptability.

How did you overcome it?

I realised that I have to project myself to the public, so I attended trade-fairs, cake exhibition, creative gatherings while I vendors there as well to get contacts,

Also, I make sure people taste my cake with great feedbacks which gave a boost to my client-based and online presence is strong for better results.

What is your assessment of the baking industry?

Baking industry has grown immensely day by day as more creative-content is being employed, also the international recognition is superb. People appreciates bakers and the creative aspects, they don't see bakers as a none-entity but as a unique-entity to reckon with. In addition, the baking industry is getting better, but there can still be improvement.

Is there any change that should be put in place?

Yes! The organisation should be more solidify with one voice without dichotomy within the baking industry.

With the recent hike in baking materials any adverse effects on your clienteles?

Yeah! There have been low patronages because these days, some category of people sees cake as a luxury. "If you want a good cake definitely, you have to pay for it."

Also, there's a drop in cake orders; all the same we are getting round it to make affordable cakes for clients.

How do you convince your clients to agree with current change in cake?

Most of the clients are familiar with the recent economic changes especially in hike of cake materials which cut across other commodities as well. However, I spread out the cake prices for them to choose based on their budget(s) for affordability.

How do you handle difficult customer(s)?

Smiles...hmmm! Alhamdulilah!! So far, I haven't experienced such because I make sure we agree on the same page; by confirmation of your order before payment and before embarking on the job.so there's hardly any issue. Also, our good-customer relations help to win customer's confidence when it seems difficult.

Any awards to your credit?

I got a recognition award from an online Cake Vendors Connect Blog, Abuja as one of the prominent cake vendors in Abuja. Also, an international recognition from Cake Masters International blog as well.

How do you cope with multi-tasking orders?

Uhmmm ... Everything is about planning. Before I accept an order, I know I must be able to handled it and plan adequately for timely and excellent delivery, so as not to disappoint my clients nor myself for job undone.

What category of baker would you classify yourself?

Smiles...I do  more of buttercream than fondant. To be candid, I’m a buttercream/whipped cream queen.

Cakes by Purple Rose Cake Studio, Abuja

What is your daily schedule like?

Prayer is the key, so I observe it first, then I take care of my family followed by morning-runs and the likes. Afterwards, I proceed to my cake studio; then whatever is being schedule for the day like baking, frosting, balance the account because there's schedule for each at office. While I close between 5-6pm then I’m back home.

How do you maintain a healthy status in spite of your baking schedule?

Uhmmm...Rest! Rest!! That's the key. To be precise, I don't overwork myself, in such a way to avoid being stressed. I tried to break down my schedule instead of muddling it; I do it bit by bit and still meet up. Also, when I don't have orders, I rest and relax with my family as I have competent staff. While on few occasions on weekends I do give-aways.

Any memorable day in the industry?

Cake shows are my memorable days in the industry; any time I attend cake exhibition display of talents it makes me aware that I belong to a worthwhile profession.

Your likes and dislikes?

I like creating beautiful things, cooking; I love creativity; beautiful scenery as well, while I dislikes dishonesty.

How do you see yourself from others perception?

People see me as diligent, hard-working, dedicated and thorough in whatever it is I tried to be thorough when training my interns and I love sincerity very well because I’m passionate about my work. 

What is your view about mentors that treat their mentees as second-fiddle?

I believe any stage you attained in the profession should not be used to malign others. A mentor should allow mentees  to grow on their wings and fly as well "the sky is wide enough for all to fly.”

What can lure you from baking industry?

I will say buying and selling because that was my side-hustle while in School. My desire is to have a supermarket with my bakery. I will love to have a Supermart.


Anonymous said...

Well done boss may God bless the work of your hands ma

Olatunji Azeez Azeezah said...

Well done sis, May God Almighty continue to bless n be with you n ur work 💞💞💞.

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