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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ex-Maggi queen, Kemi, advocates subsidy for baking industry - ITREALMS

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Former Maggi Queen reputed for gravity-defying cakes and Chief Executive Officer, El-Royalithos Catering Institute, Mrs. Kemi Oluboro shares deep knowledge of cake industry and catering in Nigeria with ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO. She tracks her driving-force to passion, focus and determination, while advocating subsidy for baking industry.


Former Maggi Queen reputed for gravity-defying cakes and Chief Executive Officer, El-Royalithos Catering Institute, Mrs. Kemi Oluboro

How did you coined your brand name "EL-Royalithos"?

"EL" signify God, "Lithos" is a Greek word that means "stones" while the "Royal" means Royalty;(as the Maggi Queen & King which dated to 1994 where I was crowned the best Cook of the year in Nigeria at the "Maggi National Cooking competition" organised by Nestle. Coincidentally in 2019 my late husband who was a Pharmacist won the same cooking competition and was crowned best cook of the year. So "EL-Royalithos" means God’s Royal Stones.


Your Educational Background?

I am a graduate of Education Biology (1991-1996) from Ogun State University (now Olabisi Onabanjo University) Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. Also, National Certificate of Education (NCE) in Home Economics & Biology from Ogun State College of Education (now University of Education) 1987-1990.

How many years have you been in the Industry?

I have been in the industry for thirty-one (31) years and I don't intend to quit soon because I am waxing stronger by the Grace of God.

What prompts your entrance into the Industry?

I started very young based on my passion because I have comfortable parents responsible for all my needs. While my parents supported my passion which later turns to be a means of livelihood for me.

Cakes from El-Royalthos

How many places (outside the country) have your job taken you to?

Smiles....I have been to three (3) African countries, namely Kenya, Cameroon and Cotonou in Benin Republic for classes, to train students. Very soon, I will be going to South-Afric, Gambia, Ghana and Uganda for training. However the feedback has been awesome.

What makes you distinct from other bakers?

My passion, my views and the neatness of my cakes as well; very importantly, my passion for gravity-defying Cakes stand me out.

Having gained a lot of prominence in the baking Industry, how would you describe your journey?

The journey has not been easy, there were ups and downs; but in all God has been faithful and helped me to scale through victoriously no matter the difficulties. However, my driven-force has been my passion, focus and determination.

How do you get inspirations for those massive gravity-defying cake designs?

Waoh! My inspiration is from things around me but most importantly from the Holy Spirit.

 Looking at the baking industry and catering services, which of the two brought you into limelight?

Yeah! I will say both have brought me into prominence because in 1994, I was crowned the best cook in Nigeria during the National Cooking Competition organised by Nestle Nigeria. Also, in the cake industry, I’ve been doing well because people appreciate my work but in 2015, I contested in International Cake Exploration Society (Ices) and my team emerged first position.


What goes into producing a great cake?

A lot goes into making a good cake from the ingredients to your time, tools and expertise. In essence, the baking Industry has evolved with a lot of gigantic designs, new techniques on board, Cake Arts etc. Cake Industry in Nigeria is becoming bigger and wider every day.


What does it entails to be a good Chef?

To be a good Chef, you have to enroll in a good culinary school for adequate knowledge.


What is your assessment about the Cake industry in Nigeria?

Cake industry in Nigeria is very good because of the International recognitions especially the warm reception being accord good bakers whenever they are overseas for trainings with great enthusiasm by their host countries.


How can the cake industry improve?

There should be regulations of the cost of ingredients, which is increasing astronomical thereby making some bakers to cut corners, while, some bakers are packing up because of high cost of ingredients; if the cost of ingredients can be regulated or subsidized for bakers at large not only cake-making, bread making and so on. Also, there are lots of quack-bakers, people that wants to do the business should go for necessary training in order to get it right from the scratch so that they can do a good job.

Your hobbies?

Cooking, travelling, meeting new people and exploring new things in my industry.

How do you see yourself from others perception?

Smiles...okay! from other people; I see myself being accommodating, calm, jovial, great teacher, good listener who takes her time to impart knowledge.

Cakes from El-Royalthos


Your likes and dislikes?

I like honesty and sincerity. I like hard-working, openness and being focused.

However, I dislike lies, fake-life, laziness and dishonesty.

How do you manage stress to maintain a healthier lifestyle?

Managing stress! Actually once I noticed something is stressing me, I just stop for a while to do other things then restart. Also, I take time off-work because of my age and health especially my Wednesdays/Fridays except there's outside job at (weekend) in order for me to relax ,get off the stress of work, do some onlines shores; attend to mails, enquiries and to attend to my family.

Your advice do you have for new entrants in cake and food industry?

My advice to new comers is to be focused, determined, passionate about the job and be intentional in making progress. They should be ready to work undeterred.

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