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Friday, March 25, 2022

Salami Kehinde: To excel be smart, intelligent and think outside the box - ITREALMS

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Akur8 Events and Cakes boss, Salami

Kehinde shares his success secret as embedded in passion, determination to success and his works. He told to ITREALMS’ Correspondent, Gbemi Omotosho, that anyone wanting to excel in this industry must be smart, intelligent and think outside the box.

Salami Kehinde of Akur8 Events and Cakes.


Who is Akur8?

I'm Salami Kehinde of Akur8 Events & Cake; a company led by a team.

 What are your likes and dislikes

 I hate lies and appreciate transparency.

How did you come about your brand name?

Hhmmm! It was derived from the word "Accurate." A friend whom I later lost his contact gave me the name.

 Tell us more about it?

I met him during the three weeks NYSC "orientation camp" and everybody was deployed to different states afterwards.

Your educational background?

I'm a graduate of Accounting from Grace Polytechnic Omu-Ijebu Annex, Ogun State.

What is your area of specializations in the industry?

I don’t really have any because I'm versatile in the industry. Initially, I was specialized on Event Decorations then later ventured into Cake-making but now I'm in all the aspects. I pray Almighty Allah continues to strengthen me.

What inspired you into the event industry?

My passion for creativity and beauty, as event decorations is about beautification.

How many years have you been in the industry?

Five years and still counting.

How has the journey been as a baker and event decorator?

(Smiles) If I may say, it has not been easy; sometimes rough and challenging but it's awesome on the long run.

What inspires you to keep forging ahead?

My passion and determination to succeed, and be relevant in the industry, likewise my works (productivity).

What's your view about collaboration in achieving a particular design or do you prefer working independently?

Waoh! I love this question! because my slogan is "Together We Shine” I believe no man is an Island of knowledge as teamwork brings out the best (no man can do it alone).

What were you into before coming into the event industry?

I was a Computer Engineer.

Considering your former job and life as an entrepreneur; which pays best and why?

There was no room for extra duties and creativity in my former job as a Computer Engineer, but in the Cake  and Event industry, you got to be smart, intelligent and think outside the box to "Waoh" your customers or clients. Being an entrepreneur is more advantageous.

 What is your view about on entrepreneurship?

 It's the best everyone should go for because it avails the opportunity of being independent and being more productive.

How do you manage stress especially when embarking on back-to-back orders?

Presently, I'm really working on this. It isn't easy but with God all things are possible.

Have you ever developed a recipe? How did you do it and what feedback did you get?

Yes! A lot of times but I used for practical first while the feedback has been great but I don’t give first-time recipe to my clients.

What baking skills, do you intend to improve on?

Any new cake designs in vogue that's trending.

How do you handle deliveries, especially long distance deliveries?

Through mobile transportation or ask any of my staff to deliver it safely to the client(s).

a cake product of Aku8
a cake product of Aku8

How do you handle rude customers?

By being quiet and applying wisdom to protect my business entity.

Describe your daily routine as a baker?

I work all day long.

What is your view about mentorship?

It’s really helpful in this century as it enables one to be inclined in order to be guided to achieve success which is paramount; while one also becomes a mentor to others as well.

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