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Friday, February 18, 2022

If you dream it, you can achieve it says ComfyEvent boss - ITREALMS

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Iyin-Ekiti-born OMOSEHINDE COMFORT is the CEO of ComfyEvents ‘n’ Ushers. She brings ‘Chemistry’ of if you dream it you can achieve it into Eventpreneurship. She spoke to ITREALMS correspondent GBEMI OMOTOSO.
Omosehinde Comfort, CEO of ComfyEvents
Who is Comfy Events ‘n’ Usher's?
My name is Omosehinde Comfort, CEO of ComfyEvents ‘n’ Ushers. I'm an Eventpreneur who deals with carrying out all the event activities like event planning, coordinating etc.
Education background and where are you from?
I'm a B.sc holder in Chemistry from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State. A native of Iyin in Ekiti State.

Marital life:
I'm single.

What inspired you into the event world?
The beauty and uniqueness.

How would you persuade a client of the value of your service?
By being myself and proving to my clients that my services are better than the other competitors by doing a presentation of my past events work with lots of smiles.

What were you into before coming to the event industry?
Practically, I started off as an event usher back in University days and afterwards, I learnt repair of Electronics ... what people normally call ‘Radionic.’

What criteria would you consider when choosing a venue for an event?
The number of guests, then the availability of preferred dates of the clients likewise the cost of venue, which must be within the said budget of the clients; not forgetting the parking space and the facilities, that is the layouts and the ambience.

How do you remain up-to-date in the event industry?
Through keeping up with the global tech of events.

What are the qualities that an event coordinator needs to be successful?
First, is a good personality, good communication skills, time management and a great leadership skills.

Mention a strategy and mindset needed for this role?
You must be a problem solver because event coordinator deals with so many challenges during an event period. Focus on communicating what the project is all about and defining the goals.

What do you like most about your job?
Waoh! It's kind of a hard to pick the aspect on what I love most about my job, because I love everything about events planning, but let me just say I love the co-ordinating aspect because it gives me joy when attending to the guests as it avails me the opportunity to attend to each and every guest's needs; it makes me to know different personalities of each guests; their body language and their physical approach to event challenges.

How would you manage stress as the date of an event draws near?
Hmmmmnn ... I prioritize my health first by giving myself some little break with naps or food.

Can you singlehandedly decorate a hall?
No! but it also depends on how big the hall is.

Do you believe in mentorship?
Yes, I do.

How would you react to technical problems during an event?
By being calm because you can't find a solution to the problem when tensed or angry, but most times having a proper backup plans sometimes help.

What are the challenges you have encountered during an event?
Hhmmn! Sometimes there's little time for setup and breakdown. Also, working with new event vendors selected by the client's introduces a challenge because they are unconfirmed vendors- so-to-say; the catering aspect, sitting arrangements.

Describe an event management experience that didn't have the results you aimed for?
It happened early last year in one of the event I planned and managed. However, in the course of planning and mapping out the event with my client on each of the vendor's service's most especially on catering of the 500 guests, I advised my clients to make extra plans to book another caterer for the groom's family ... so the workload won't be too much on the said caterer and their services to the guests will be adequate. They never listened, so, on the day of the event, we had just one caterer for more than 500 guests.

The coordination was so hard on my team members, “not all the guests were satisfied” because some left in anger, even the groom's family, weren't happy at all. So, ever since the event, I do consult my clients to always make an extra provision of catering for the guests. In a big event, the least serving points should be 2. If they can't afford 2 different caterers ... there must be at least 2 serving points.

Do you believe in multiple stream of business?
Yes, I do but if it's more than two it's a scrap to me.

Any side hustle?

What business can lure you out of the event industry?
Importing and exporting

What is your best memorable day?
My best memorable day was when I got my first degree as a graduate.

Any embarrassing moment?
I can't think of one... most times during an event a guest might embarrass or insult your personality. So, I don't think I have one specifically.

Describe the most successful event planning experience and what made it successful?

The event I planned in a space of a week and four days, though it was challenging because the time span was short. The videography, photography, food aspect were perfect.

The only challenge I had was the excess number of guests since it was not an event that required an access card-entry but I convinced the bride to make extra reservations for the guest which was later settled.

What is your advice to new entrants?

They should always focus on their mindset and dreams. If they can dream it, they can achieve it.

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