Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Exclusive: NCC without board is not productive - Omo-Ettu

Seasoned telecommunication engineer and chief executive officer of the Telecom Answers Associates (TAA), Mr. Titi Omo-Ettu, has said that running the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) without its full board of Commissioners is counter-productive, reports ITRealms.

Reacting to an obvious long wait in getting new board of commissioners for the telecommunication regulator, since the last one was disbanded, Omo-Ettu who prides himself as broadband evangelist, condemned the current setting of President Muhammadu Buhari literally, shutting down NCC because of this.

According to him, technically, it is the board of Commissioners of NCC alongside the Executive Vice Chairman that should be wooing investors and not Mr. President, for the sector. Stressing that what is happening now is not being productive.

He pointed out that there is no world –class investor that knows his onion that trades in a market where the regulator is not independent or literally non-existence.

Omo-Ettu who described himself as a Buharist - Buhari follower also said they, followers are those more likely to advice Mr. President on the way forward for the country and sectors of interest like telecommunications.

“It will not be productive for supporters of the President to pretend that all is well when they are not,” he noted.

As a Buharist, Omo-Ettu said he believes that the way to help the President is not to support him blindly and take whoever talks ill of him as enemy. 

“Many think sniff-nothing, see-nothing, say-nothing is the best way to support him. I disagree with that option,” Omo-Ettu insisted.

Nine months, he said, is enough time to have a direction of Buhari’s leadership and economic path.

“Some argue that what is wrong with Nigeria cannot be fixed in nine months. That is not the argument. The argument is that in nine months, a clear direction should have emerged,” he emphasised.

+Remmy Nweke (ITRealms)
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