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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nigeria needs framework for data protection

Participants arising from a one-day breakfast session on “Identity is the new money,” says Nigeria lacks the framework for data protection, reports ITRealms.

The event organized by eMaginations Limited under its eNnovators Breakfast Series (EBS), is a quarterly breakfast event packaged for the Dreamers, Drivers and Doers (3Ds) of technology business in financial services industry across Africa.

According to the Event Director, Sola Fanawopo, EBS offers opportunities to network, learn and plan strategically.

A communique endorsed by Fanawopo, participants called for the government to enact data privacy law to protect consumers’ personal information and ensure that they have the confidence to take advantage of benefits of the ever-changing marketplace.

Also, the government was advised to encourage to establish identity brokerage services, ‘banker for data’ or ‘ISP for identity services’ I-Brokers is  trusted third party that helps individuals and organizations share private data the same way banks help exchange funds and ISPs help exchange e-mail and files.

They also pointed out that i-brokers when licensed will help bridge the gap between relying (RP) party and identity service provider (IDP) by providing public infrastructure for digital identity, security, and privacy using the open standard data interchange protocol. Besides, I-Brokers will alleviate the number of integrations required between RPs and IDPs.

Government, they further said, should make life easy for consumers of ID services by promoting the concept of “Connect to One, Connect to All.”

While those in the private sector as Information Technology (IT) firms should exploit the opportunities of absence of ID management platforms to invest in identity management services so that local competence can be developed in the industry.

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