" ITREALMS: Mystery helicopter creates panic in Benue community

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mystery helicopter creates panic in Benue community

A mystery helicopter that landed briefly in the Opialu Village in Edemoga District of Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue State, is creating panic among the indigenes, reports ITRealms.

Source close to the community, informed ITRealms that the security siege mentality in the highly populated village is not unconnected with the widely held belief that the appearance of a similar helicopter preceded the recent mayhem in Agatu District, also in Benue State. 

It was also reported that two occupants of  the helicopter who barely touched the grounds of the St Theresa LGEA Primary School at Opialu about 5 pm on March 10th, 2016 left on-lookers, mainly pupils playing football on the mission ground and community worried. 

"But it did not land, although it was close enough for the observing pupils and others who ran towards it to observe that one of the pilots wore an orange dress. There were only two persons in the helicopter," a source said.

However, an eye witness account said it tried to land twice, but it came so close and then zoomed off, went as if to one of the nearby villages before coming back. It was at this point the pilots waved to the pupils.

ITRealms gathered that Chief Emmanuel Onuh, the Chairperson of the Opialu Community Development Association told the Divisional Police Headquarters at Okoga that ash color was reported to him, whereas other members of the youth association insisted it had navy blue colour. 

"There has been an  obvious confusion over  color  among the observers in the same way as the registration number was unclear. While the pupil mature enough to take any such number sticks to AB/ANA, one person who is though more educated claims it was written AB-ANA. No one reported seeing any number on the registration, prompting speculations that the helicopter must be one of the de-commissioned aircrafts, either of the Nigerian Air force or one of the charter companies," another source told ITRealms.

Further, Daniel Ojo, the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Okpoga, the headquarters of the Okpokwu Local Government Area could not respond to phone calls after his phone rang twice, though after several attempts on Sunday afternoon, but police sources at Okoga confirmed a report to the station on the strange helicopter. 

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