Thursday, March 10, 2016

Computer Society rejects Senate joint report on Remita

The Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) has rejected the recent report of the Senate Joint Committee on Finance, Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions and Public Accounts on the abuse and mismanagement of Treasury Single Account Regime (TSA), reports ITRealms.

NCS, an umbrella body of industry interest groups within the Information Technology (IT) computing professionals, made this rejection through its Information Technology Systems and Security Professionals (ITSSP), arguing that calling for the termination of the Remita contract at this time amounts to stoppage of TSA operation.

According to Rogba Adeoye, the chairperson of ITSSP their rejection of Senate position was based on the fact that despite NCS being an observer in the public hearing and indeed they submitted memorandum after the public hearing as demanded by the Committee.

Also, they said that CBN Governor, Office of Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF) and Committee members commended the package REMITA for coming to support TSA when it is needed most.

They also said that both CBN Governor and OAGF confirmed that the payable charges is N7.8 Billion as at time of sitting and not N25 Billion as earlier speculated by the Senators.

Insisting that the call for the termination of the contract at this period is not right which interpreted means stoppage of TSA operation. Maintaining that the REMITA on TSA Operation and its intellectual property, should be encouraged and promoted to other countries to earn Nigeria foreign exchange.

“The termination of the contract will derail the TSA operation, undermines anti-corruption stance of the current national government, discourages local IT innovation and kills local content initiative of Federal Government.

ITSSP further said that the review as related to the chargeable cost should not be in retrospect as this discourages local IT innovation and empowerment since the contract offers future renegotiation.

Pointing out that professional charges as derived through CPN Acts of 1993 as gazetted was never considered in arriving at the Committee’s costing and review of charges of REMITA per transaction, even as REMITA is more than e-transfer and e-payment.

Therefore, ITSSP emphasised that Remita is an indigenous software product of developed by Nigerians for the world, hence, the contract should not be terminated but allowed to stay as one of IT products to enhance good government service delivery and transparency.

For Adeoye, Systemspecs, the owners of Remita, is the replica of Microsoft in the making.

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