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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Apple sells iPhone 4S unlocked

Apple is now selling its new iPhone 4S unlocked and contract free direct from the Apple website, and goes for about N126,262.34 reports TechWorld.

The report also stated that the iPhone 4S was introduced last month across a number of networks in the United Kingdom (UK) and abroad, with Apple announcing that an unlocked version would arrive in November.

Besides the lack of a contract, the report showed that the main benefit of the unlocked iPhone is that if you travel internationally, you could swap in a SIM from a provider in that country and pay domestic rates.

Although consumer were reported to have to pay a premium for the unlocked model, since it does not benefit from the subsidies provided by the carriers.

The 16 Gegabyte (GB) version would run £499, about N126,262.34, the 32GB goes for £599, and the 64GB model costs £699.

Apple quotes 1-2 weeks shipping time for all three capacities, so in addition to paying more, you’ll also have to wait a bit.

ITRealms Online recalls that the initial reaction to the announcement of the iPhone 4S was muted, as the first was the feeling it was the old phone’s name with an S attached.

As the iPhone 3GS has shown, adding an S to an iPhone’s name could represent numerous under-the-hood improvements, but it does not send shivers down user’s spine like incrementing a number by one and unveiling a redesigned exterior with mind-blowing features that may or may not include anti-gravity.

Apple’s report had it, was never going to win a competition with the wildest imaginations of tech bloggers, but the company seems to be doing OK in the business of building phones. The iPhone 4, which remained more or less unchanged for 15 months as approximately a zillion Android smartphone models came and went; has consistently been the best selling smartphone around in United Kingdom and some parts of Europe.

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