Wednesday, November 23, 2011

HIP takes-over @ Multi-Links, names Eleso, CEO

New owners of Multi-Links Telecommunications Limited, the Helios Investment Partners (HIP) has proclaimed the formal 100 per cent acquisition of the company with the naming of citizen telecom expert, Mr. Demola Eleso as the new chief executive officer.

Ijeoma Abazie, Martin Dirks, chair; Dem Eleso, CEO speaking, Gab Olaruwaju

Chairman of Multi-Links’ Board of Directors, Mr. Martin Dirks, who made this disclosure in Lagos, said that they have successfully acquired Multi-Links by a 100 per cent equity interest since October 3, 2011 from its previous shareholder, Telkom South Africa.

He noted that the acquisition of Multi-Links by HIP began in August 2011 following the agreement reached between HIP Oils, an affiliate of Helios Towers Nigeria with Multi-Links, which has now been brought to a successful end.

With investment in excess of $1.9 billion, about N301,245,011,878.26 billion worth of assets, Mr. Dirks said there exist some investors.

He listed some of these investors in the funds to include the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC), International Finance Corporation (IFC), African Development Bank (AfDB), Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a United States’ Washington-based government agency that assets businesses looking to invest abroad and the University of Texas among others.

Mr. Dirks also used the opportunity unveil the new chief executive officer of Multi-Links, Mr. Eleso, whom he said, would be assisted and supported by Mr. Gabriel Olaruwaju as the chief marketing officer, Mrs. Ijeoma Abazie, the chief corporate communication officer as well as the chief finance officer, Mr. Simon Poole.

According to him, HIP has communication market operating experiences in Angola, Namibia, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau- GSM; whereas having fixed line operations in Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau; Internet service providers in Angola and Mozambique; and printed directories business in Kenya, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde.

While its affiliate operations comprised of Helios Towers Nigeria (HTN), Africatel and Helios Towers Africa.

He explained that HTN, a pioneer specialist on building and maintaining telecommunications towers and leasing spaces on those towers to wireless telecommunications services providers across Nigeria, enables operators to outsource non-core activities and passive infrastructure and focus resources on improving their core products and services.

He pointed out that the long transition leading to HIP’s acquisition of Multi-Links caused uncertainty about the brand that impacted Multi-Links’ brand and resulted in churn on Multi-Links’ network, hence the appointment of new management team.

In his comment, the new CEO, Mr. Eleso assured Nigerian customers on Multi-Links and investment on focused reclaiming of its former glory based on improved quality of service and return on investment.

His team, Eleso noted, is not unaware of the churn witnessed by the brand, therefore, they would not encourage investors to throw money at the network, rather they have to join forces with the management to make certain that Multi-Links returns on its heels and stand firm.

This, he said, would encourage the anticipated expansion programme of the network and its services beyond the 22 states of the federation currently along other communities.

He plans to explore data and capacity carrier market of the Multi-Links fibre optic, enjoining potential dealers and carriers of telecom capacity to approach them for good offering.

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