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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inside Secure, IDT offer USB security solution

Developer and supplier of semiconductors’ embedded software, Inside Secure is partnering Integrated Device Technology (IDT) to offer easy-to-design Universal Serial Bus (USB) security solution.

A joint press statement from the two firms showed that the collaboration would avail versatile, secure microcontroller and low-power, stable 48-MHz CMOS oscillator in a single package.

The two companies said they have collaborated to bring to market a compact, single-package secure microcontroller and oscillator solution that significantly reduces the bill of materials when designing USB tokens for authentication and digital signatures.

They also said the product is available now in different package standards (SOIC8 or QFN20), the INSIDE/IDT offering combines the security, cryptography and connectivity features of the high-performance, low-power INSIDE Secure AT90SO72 secure microcontroller with the stability of the ultra-low power IDT 3MN11G CrystalFree (TM) CMOS oscillator to create the perfect solution for applications where low cost and reduced size are most critical.

“Based on customer feedback, INSIDE has optimized the size and cost of the AT90SO72 to make it particularly well-suited as a secure microcontroller to drive USB authentication and signature tokens,” said Christian Fleutelot, general manager of the Vault-IC SAS business unit and executive vice president for digital security, at INSIDE Secure.

He added that guided by the same strategy, INSIDE has now partnered with IDT to provide a very compact solution that makes the design of USB secure smart objects much easier and cost effective. 

He listed some of the technological features to include that based on a high-performance, low-power, 8/16-bit enhanced RISC Computer Processing Unit (CPU) and is common criteria EAL5+ ready, it features a hardware random number generator, hardware AES (128-, 192- and 256-bit key supported), DES and triple DES.

The offer also includes the exclusive INSIDE Ad-X(TM)2 advanced hardware crypto accelerator, which supports RSA up to 4096 bits, DSA, Diffie-Hellman and all FIPS-recommended elliptic curves up to 1024 bits. 

Key generation is also supported for both RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC). 

The AT90SO72 offers a USB 2.0 interface with six software-configurable data transfer endpoints with in-or-out (I/O) directions for bulk, interrupt or isochronous transfers. The flexible I/O options also include a master/slave Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) controller, I2C (two-wire) controller, up to seven GPIO lines and an ISO 7816 interface. 

The AT90SO72 features 288K bytes of ROM and 72K bytes of high-density EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), which can be mapped as part of the program memory to provide a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for many applications.

“As the recognized leader in silicon timing, IDT is constantly expanding its product and technology portfolio. The CrystalFree CMOS oscillators are an ideal example of a compelling customer timing solution,” said Scott Hills, marketing director of the silicon frequency control product line at IDT. 

“We are pleased that INSIDE Secure selected IDT’s CMOS oscillator for USB token solutions where low power and small package size are crucial.”

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