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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Essence of mobile lines

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Remmy Nweke

HAVE you ever answered calls on another person’s behalf, especially without the consent of such a person and most importantly on a mobile phone.

First in the line of demerits or even dangers, mostly on mobile phone is that you may after all be a victim of what you know nothing about, which could be generating problems for some one else.

Second, it is believed in certain quarters that it is ethically wrong to answer calls on behalf of someone else on his or her given mobile phone with or without the persons consent or on the mere excuse that the phone tones were disturbing.

Third, as long as this kind of attitude could be condoned in fixed lines, it may not be pardonable for any mobile line owner.

Most importantly too, every call that goes to a mobile phone definitely shows that the caller wanted to speak directly to the owner of that number.

Imagine this scene where a kid brother of Joseph, a young working class in the city, needed to reach him urgently, his credit has been exhausted and the only option left for him at that moment was to use a friend’s phone.

Unfortunately, his friend has just N30 credit and since the friend also is on per second billing platform, they thought the remaining N30 could be of great help in reaching out to Joseph.

Incidentally, Joseph stepped out leaving his mobile phone on his table.

Persistent ringing of the phone forced his colleague in the office, Mr. Taiwo, to answer on his behalf and the kid-brother could not relay the very important message because it’s a family affair and requested that Joseph calls back as soon as possible.

And by the time the kid-brother could finish his message after introducing himself, the credit ran out.

About 30 minutes later when Joseph returned, the message recipient has forgotten the name of the caller, but was still lucky to recollect there was a call for the Joseph requesting a call-back.

Searching his phone’s received call records, Joseph could not fathom who the person was that even was requesting a call back and insisted that if the caller was serious, he or she would eventually call again.

Forty-eight hours later, Joseph received a message that his loving mother had died because he did not return the call to find out details for himself and mostly arrange for treatment.

So, never you leave your mobile phone apart from you because, anytime could be critical and the regrets could be devastating like that of Joseph.

And even if you have to, not as long as 30 minutes and if you are in position to know that a person’s mobile phone was ringing the best thing to do is to take the phone and look for the owner. This way you could be avoiding a disaster or better still leave it to ring continuously without picking the call.

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