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Friday, May 19, 2023

Chief Chef @Adorable Diadem urges colleagues to pay attention to social media - ITREALMS

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A Computer Science graduate from Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED), Adebanjo Oluwagbenga turned Chief Chef of Adorable Diadem Empire, Lagos, told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO how he is his passion excites him, and urged colleagues to pay attention to social media.

Chief Chef @Adorable Diadem urges colleagues to pay attention to social media - ITREALMS

How did you get into the baking industry?

It began with a passion back then in 2008, then I watched my Aunt baked daily because she runs fast food as at then. It wasn't that she sat me down to teach me, but I derived pleasure in baking each time I saw her working; I think creativity triggered my spirit into baking.

Is there any way through which your science knowledge has shaped or improved your baking or decorating skills?

Definitely, baking is both science and an art. In any baking recipe every ingredient has a purpose. For example, in cake flour it gives the structure, eggs bind the ingredients, baking powder and baking soda make it rise, fats like butter and oil make it less chewy while sugar sweetens and keeps it moist. However, in my baking or cake decorations, science knowledge is not left out because there're several techniques when it comes to cake making.

What makes your baking skills distinct from others?

In every cake that passes through my hands, I see myself in them; the reason is I'm good looking and smiles every moment. So, to me, skill is not enough when it comes to cake making, aside creativity, one thing I have been able to inculcate is making my clients smile after delivery which has to do with time management.

I tried my best to keep to the time especially during delivery, though it has not been easy due to traffic, nevertheless, that's a major factor I don't joke with.

What is your signature in the cake industry?

It has not been easy, but I try my best to be good at all cake decorations though not limited to an area of specialization. I make fondant, buttercream, and whipped cream cakes perfectly, all I can say is that I don't joke with cake detailing.

How would you describe the baking industry?

The baking industry is getting wide daily because many bakers are produced (good, fair, quacks etc) to some, baking is a hobby, for others it’s a profession. Baking industry using cake making as a case study, there are so many area of specialization, which includes baker, decorator, florist, graphics person, freelancer, modeling...lots more. In all, it's a wide world.

What is your assessment about the quacks and how can the quacks be separated from the professional in the industry?

This has to do with the foundation. Can the blind lead the blind? The solution is by learning from the right source; the best way to produce professionals.

Any unforgettable experiences?

One out of many was when I baked a large portion of red velvet cake, only to discover I didn't add sugar, I had to dispose it .

Your daily routine?

First is to appreciate God for another ‘Activated Grace’ for a daily routine for a stronger relationship with God, for good health and more energy. A daily routine for an organized life. A daily routine for more productive work. A daily routine for a stronger relationship with fellow men.

If you're to compare your starts-up in baking to present, how far have you grown In the industry?

It has been God all the way, I would say I'm much more capable of working long hours a day; There are ways to rest your mind at work. I have become more flexible by dealing through different circumstances. By encountering different clients, I have also developed more skills. Although, all of this didn't happen overnight; it gradually took me time to accomplish them.

Chief Chef @Adorable Diadem urges colleagues to pay attention to social media - ITREALMS

The hardships, the tough times. Well, presently, I am grateful. It has changed me in a positive way.  I'm much more understanding towards others. As I've developed strategies to cope with every day’s life and I feel there is meaning and value to my existence.

How do you keep up with the latest trends in the baking industry?

It hasn't been easy, but I tell people, if you must remain on top, you must be relevant: pay attention to social media.

One of the most convenient places to stay updated with trends is social media. Also get involved, join industry associations, attend their events, training and participate in online communities which I've been able to do likewise facilitated in exhibitions and organise training as well.

I regularly meet and talk with colleagues, partners, and clients about trends in their businesses. These conversations are sure to spark ideas. Reaching out to my client's is one thing I don't joke with. If you must be on top of the game, then you must monitor your business, get out of the office if need be.


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How do you assess yourself from others perception?

No matter what, I tried not to compare myself with others. Rather, I chose to be myself in whatever I do. This can be achieved by SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity &Threat) analysis.

What is the most difficult part of creating a cake design?

Quite a lot but the most difficult part for me is giving attention to details; the outcome is always beautiful, but it takes time to get it done.

What would you do if a distressed customer came to request a complex cake for a wedding the next day?

When it comes to wedding cake whether complex or simple it takes time to get it done; at most a week or even more. However, in this kind of scenario, we can work things out. There’s always a solution to the problem, I may suggest we decorate a dummy and then bake cakes for cut out because baking and decorating a wedding cake within 24hours is not feasible, especially when there are no helping hands.

Describe yourself in words?


Your personal likes and dislikes?

I'm passionate about the things of God, but I loathe doing otherwise.

Any embarrassing moments in the industry?

Trying to get everyone's attention at a cake exhibition, however, during the cause of my teaching accidentally, I said PRAISE GOD. Chai!

How do you relax after a tedious cake order?

I free my mind to rest well.

What inspires you while making cakes?

My inspiration is enjoying the calmness of God's creation. I like hills and green vegetations which open my heart to my inner creativity while caking. Music does it better.

How do you handle the challenges of life that affect your business?

I have had so many challenges, all I did was to make a plan and re-strategize.

Any special cake recipe developed by you and how was it?

So many developed recipes, all special recipes like fruit cake and sponge cake. Sweet, decadent, rich, savoury, fluffy and moist.

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