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Sunday, May 21, 2023

Development, progress, advancements vs growth of Nigeria by Tunde Omisola - ITREALMS

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Developmental and progressive occurrences that advances human lives and existence, is not peculiar to Nigeria, also innovations and inventions are necessary to advance generations and there's nothing bad in it however, our peculiar challenge is the loss of values in our story.

Development, progress, advancements vs growth of Nigeria by Tunde Omisola - ITREALMS
Our culture has been trashed and thrown into bins and in it's place we now cultivate foreign or strange cultures, our identities have been traded with hence the strange manner and habits we display today.

Nigeria is not an isolated state but we always copy or do things the opposite or obscure way. Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Cameroun are sister African countries with less prevalent troubles or problems.

Our public life has adopted an habit of copying every evil and retrogressive practice and before you know it, strange things are introduced and becoming popular among the generality of people.

The togetherness with which we are identified as Africans have long eroded our shores...how dare you go and watch television in your neighbour's apartment as a child?

Western education has both positive and negative advantages, but we tend to take pride in the negative or destructive features of the evil geniuses are emerging over time, due to over exposure and wrong doctrines, to them nothing is impossible, they have infiltrated every sphere of our life and are cultivating followerships with their general acceptance both in our private, social and national life. 

It is practices like this that is 'finishing Nigeria' yet nobody is ready to make a change rather they take pride in imitating even on larger dimensions.

We need a rebirth for Nigeria to move forward, the painful experience we encounter daily is creating more and more hardened criminals in our societies and country at large. 

Another common factor is the lack of good leadership or mentorship for the youths, you'll hardly find a good example among our leaders that could be emulated.

Nigeria is highly blessed in every area but her citizens are it's bane of development.

*Contributed by Tunde Omisola, who lives in Lagos.

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