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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Igbo culture and diaspora: The AASDU Lagos philosophy - ITREALMS

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Ndi Igbo worldwide are members of the Jewish race, according to historical facts. They trace their origin and network to the destruction of the hominid by flood, and the eventual covenants God had with Noah and the Patriarchs. 
Chidi Abajue, the Publicity Secretary of the Association of Anambra State Development Unions (AASDU Lagos).
Global cultural mappings have consistently identified unique trends and patterns of culture that are now classified as Igbo cultural heritage. As a distinctive group of the human race, Ndi Igbo have a peculiar worldview through which they tame and subdue whatever socio-economic and political environment they find themselves, time and space notwithstanding.

Present in nearly every ten-square kilometres of the global space, onye Igbo holds his culture very dear to the heart, oftentimes unconsciously. The emerging trend today is the annual public celebration of Igbo culture by Igbo communities within any geographical location of the world.

Here in Lagos, the Association of Anambra state Development Unions - AASDU Lagos, established in 1988; celebrated the 2022 edition of the Anambra Cultural Day on the 12th day of November, at the training field of the Police College, Ikeja-Lagos. Abia, Imo, Enugu and Ebonyi states, as well as respective Igbo towns celebrated their own at various dates and places here in Lagos too.
AASDU president, Chief Sir Ebeledike Amechi at the stand of Awka Development Union, Lagos, exchanging pleasantries with ADU Lagos President, Ozo, High Chief Emmanuel Umerah Nwobum, @2022  Anambra Cultural Day
The November 12, 2022 edition of the Anambra Cultural Day was done with pomp and pageantry. It was a unique celebration of the masquerades, dances, costumes, foods, cultures and traditions of the Anambra Igbos as the epi-centre of global Igbo worldview. 

The fraternal visitation of the AASDU Lagos President, Chief Amechi Ebeledike, also known as Ikedinigwe Anaocha, to the respective towns present at the occasion was a demonstration of the 'Igwe Bu Ike' philosophy of the pristine Igbo leadership. The majestic entrance of Igwe Gerald Obunadike Mbamalu, the Eze Oranyelu 1, Eze Ojoto III as the royal father, and his subsequent performance of the traditional breaking of the kola nuts encapsulated the philosophy, dignity and profundity of the Igbo cultural heritage.

Every masquerade and dance troupe that graced the occasion has a deep mythical, traditional and cultural symbolism on Igbo worldview that needs in-depth literary discourse for proper appreciation. Unfortunately, time and logistics did not permit that much-needed aspect of the Igbo cultural evangelism for the authentic education of the guests and formation of diaspora youths.
Some members of Association of Anambra State Women, Lagos (ASWAL) led by its president, Mrs Rita Ndidi Okoli, presenting kolanut to AASDU leadership @2022  Anambra Cultural Day
Perhaps, time has come for Ndi Igbo in Lagos to centralise the Igbo Cultural Day celebrations as a body. This will make it possible to gather enough funds needed for in-depth showcasing, documentation and dissemination of the rich values of our pristine culture for the utilitarian civilisation of our diaspora youths and the world at large. 

This way, it becomes possible to showcase specific aspects of Igbo culture on specific editions, allow time for audience interrogation and public discourse.

*Contributed by Chidi Abajue, the Publicity Secretary of the Association of Anambra State Development Unions (AASDU Lagos).

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