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Friday, July 22, 2022

Stella Luke Irabor: Despite making money, health is wealth - ITREALMS

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Pastor (Mrs.) Stella Luke Irabor, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Lagos-based Fisis Kreations, she told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO that despite making money, health is wealth and advised on regular health checks by professionals in confectionary industry, whilst keeping agreements.
Pastor (Mrs.) Stella Luke Irabor, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Fisis Kreations
How did you get about your brand name?
My brand name was from my son; Favour Israel Luke Stella.

What are you into?
I'm into fashion and designing, catering, cakes and events decorations. In short, I'm a proud entrepreneur.

How would you describe your journey into catering, baking and event industry?

It's my husband's encouragement that brought out my chef skills as a Caterer while l did some interior and exterior decorating of homes, offices and schools which spiced my skill so it was very easy to venture into Events styling as well. It's has been interesting though full of anxiety when no orders/job. Otherwise, full of stress when there is job. 

However, there is so much fun putting things together in a dark place and turning it heavenly (unique ambience) for clients. The happiness expressed by clients by the taste of our foods, cakes etc, is so overwhelming.

How has it been as an entrepreneur?
It's not been easy, going on strong because others look up to you for strength and courage. Impacting lives and making the next generation know that handwork career is also good for livelihood.

Does planning an event outweighs baking a celebrity cakes?
No ooo! For me both are weighty, the stress to deliver a topnotch is not easy at all. Events pay more in my location as cakes are been low-priced. However, for a celebrity cake running into million of cash, that's more pay!.

How do you manage your health to avoid stress?
Stress management to me is just to avoid some jobs by delegating to my experienced students, while l just tell them what to do then supervise as well. However, I go for routine check up now and then, because health is wealth.

How do you unwind?
I relax by watching movies, dancing during aerobic exercise, While, l love vacation.

Between the family, business and your calling as a Pastor, how do you balance them?
Family is everything, business is compulsory, ministry is God's work which must be obliged.

How many places/resort in the country have you visited for relaxation?
Three exciting places in Port Harcourt, Abuja and  Epe in Lagos.

What is the secret of your radiance?
Smiles....No oooo it's just peace of mind from God.

Which event do you enjoy planning?
Wedding and birthdays.
Cake from Fisis kreation
Why the preference for wedding and birthday events?
I'm just used to the couple smiles/happiness, while birthday celebrants express appreciation as well.

What is your clothing line's name?
Fisis Kreations fashion designing and vocational training center, lkorodu.

Do you only major in latest female wears?
No! Fisis kreations is also into male and female apron, Chef's jacket etc.

How do you get business patronages?
Waoh.... mostly, through online while some clients walk in to make their bookings, rentals and orders at the office as well referrals.

What do you do when you experience an unexpected setback while planning an event?
Eventualities are unavoidable but it can be minimized when it happens we just have to improvise and get it done with whatever we have on ground.

What steps do you take when planning an event?
I  pray, think on best strategy, then plan and execute the events. I believe so much in teamwork, which is key.

Any experience while negotiating with vendors?
Money factor and keeping to agreement while negotiating is a big problem, but in all, understanding is important; as Africans will always be Africans.

Tell us about your most successful event?
The most successful job l did then was done with an experienced team; (collaboration) the clients wanted everything done on Friday in readiness for Saturday morning events while the hall was a big capacity however with the assistance of my team, the settings was timely and the payment was good.

Your best tools as a baker?
Pallet knife and rolling pin.


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God bless your brand and take you places in Jesus Christ mighty name Amen ­čÖĆ

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