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Friday, July 29, 2022

Multiple income stream is purposeful says Naomi Sunday - ITREALMS

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Mrs Naomi Sunday is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nana's Events & Rental Services, Ajah, Lagos State, told ITREALMS' GBEMI OMOTOSO that aside efficient services as key word for success, multiple income stream is purposeful.

Mrs Naomi Sunday is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Nana's Events & Rental Services, Ajah, Lagos State

How would you describe your journey into the Industry?
My journey into the events industry has been amazing, mostly tough but because of my passion and drive to make an impact, it has been worthwhile.

Looking at the industry, what is the most alluring part?
Honestly, it's every part for me in the industry, because I'm into 'decor,' catering and rentals services. For me, efficient services is the key word. As long as I find myself serving people's needs while doing all of these, which makes me fulfilled.

What else are you into apart from events decor?
I'm into head fashion such as gele, turbans, fascinators and real estate.

You are into multiple streams of income, how has it been?
Honestly it's the best decision in my life. Sometimes, it may be tough having to decide what to add on income streams list, but to make a purposeful life and living, everyone should have a multiple stream of income.

Have you ever had a rude customer and how did you handle them?
Hah....(smiles) lots of them; But you see this thing called 'sense' it's very important in life and business as a whole. Honestly I have made good friends from angry and rude clients because of how I handled the situation calmly and respectfully. I may be infuriated at the moment as well, but I always try to put my clients and their feelings first before anything else.

How do you manage your time? Do you work well under pressure?
Well, when I started in the industry, I couldn't manage time at all. Sometimes I would get to venue late and start working and may not be able to meet up coupled with a lot pressure from my clients. But overtime, I learnt a good lesson; I always arrive my venue earlier than schedule. To be honest, it is even under pressure, I take my time to bring out the best.

What is your top priority when planning an event?
Client's satisfaction is topmost before anything else.

Is there a time you went above and beyond for a customer?
Oh yes, I have.  Sometimes at the request of the clients. However, most times I go out of my way just to put an extra smile on their faces, and trust me they always appreciate me at the end of it.

How do you get motivated when things do not go as planned during event planning?
I think outside the box or talk to someone who understands about it thereby finding the motivation I need.

What are the general steps you take when planning an event?
Planning, directing, outsourcing, financing, and supervision.

How do you handle multi-tasking events?
I simply outsource; engage the services of fellow decorators, caterers and so on.

Why did you choose a career in event planning?
Hhmmm...(smiles) my passion because I love to serve people. I just have this joy simply by seeing people, happy and making merry.

What are the general requirements as a Chef?
Skills and staffing.

How would you describe yourself?
A woman whom God has greatly helped.

How do you unwind from Lagos and work stress?
Oh! I take out time to swim and listen to good music.

What events do you most enjoy planning and why?
Birthdays and house parties, because it allows me to relate more with my clients.
A design by Nana's Events & Rental Services, Ajah, Lagos State
What do you like most about event planning? Do you specialize in any specific kind of event?
The whole process of putting together a lot of things to form a beautiful piece. I do all kinds of events; ranging from birthday, anniversary and so on. Well, yes! not all were successful before because I couldn't get the right people for the job. Going forward, I always outsource for the best hands in the game.

What personality traits, skills and training do you think all events planners must have?
A will, desire and passion to serve.

How do you keep up with latest trends relating to events?
I attends trainings to learn new designs. Also, I follow great and top vendors on social media to keep up with latest trends.

Your favourite food?
Rice and stew.

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