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Friday, July 01, 2022

Olawunmi of Wumat Cakes advises practitioners to always upgrade knowledge - ITREALMS

Aremu Olawunmi, Chief Executive of Wumat Cakes and Events Ikorodu, Lagos State, is a passionate cake maker. She spoke with ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO, advising practitioners to always upgrade their knowledge.
Aremu Olawunmi, Chief Executive of Wumat Cakes and Events Ikorodu, Lagos State


What brought you into cake industry?
Smiles...Passion! I developed passion for Cake making right from my secondary school days.

How would you describe your journey into cake industry?
Well, I would say is divine arrangement, my passion and with the assistance of my hubby that makes the journey easier for me with his undiluted love and attention.

As a cake artist, caterer & an event decorator, which is most convenient and why?
Well, I would say all are convenient for me because of the passion involved. As I’m always ready to handle any order(s) effectively. However, if not for the logistics involved I would rather choose Event decorations because it's more convenient, based on the decorating accessories (once you have your material and a view of the client's designs then you're good at it).

Your best baking tools?
Pallet knife for butter cream, rolling pin and pizza cutter for fondant designs.

What top your priority when planning an event?
Availability of fund.

How do you manage stress to maintain a healthy status?
I just take a rest whenever I’m stressed up.

What would you do if a customer requested a cake design you had never attempted before?
I’ll contact a colleague, that's what I do and when they need my assistance they also approach me because no one is an island of knowledge.

Can you describe a time that an event did not go as planned, what did you learn and what would you have done differently?
A wedding job, that I’ve been planning, but when COVID-19 pandemic came, it was canceled while I have already spent part of the money. However, I realised one shouldn't spend any how if the job has not been delivered.

Your hobbies?
Traveling and organizing

Your likes and dislikes?
I dislike fake life while I like honesty.

As a caterer, how would you describe the industry?
Well, the industry has been a very challenging and competitive one; talk of the high cost of ingredients and pricing.

Your most successful event and what made it successful?
Smiles...To God be the Glory, all my events are always successful because I have never regret over any event. But the event that I did easily was my mother-in-law’s burial ceremony, a lot of caterers showed up to assist me despite the distance in Ekiti state.

What personality traits, skills and training/education do you think all event decorators must have?
A good foundational training or skill is mandatory for an Event Decorator; this will enable an adequate knowledge and expertise on creating a smooth event that's breathtaking. Also, one needs to be educated as an event decorator so as to be able to stand out. So upgrading is key from time to time to be in tune with the latest style.

What is the most difficult aspect of cake decorating?
Actually, to me is carving, may be because have not really go for the training which I will soon.

Have you ever had some rude customers and how did you handle them?
Yes, but I always ask God for the wisdom to handle the situation because you can't just do without them.

How do you keep up with latest trends relating to events?
I always upgrade, upgrading is the key.
A product of Wumat Cakes and Events
Your perception about mentor and mentee?
I don't really have a special mentor, I believe any one that I can get a knowledge from is a mentor to me, not necessarily a particular person, even if it's from my students; he or she has become a mentor to me.

Your advise to new comers in the cake, catering and event industry?
My advise to the upcoming bakers, caterers and decorators, as I always emphasis to my students, is that they should be focused, be patient and determined in learning, with that the sky is the starting point.

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