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Saturday, March 05, 2022

Lack of cake pricing control affects upcoming bakers says Oluwakemi - ITREALMS

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The Ekiti-born Economics graduate, turned CEO of FK Cakes & Events, Mrs Joseph Oluwakemi told ITREALMS’ GBEMI OMOTOSO, that lack of cake pricing control affects upcoming bakers.
Mrs Joseph Oluwakemi
Can we meet you?

I'm Mrs Joseph Oluwakemi of Fk Cakes & Events, a native of Erinmope, Ekiti State. A graduate of Economics from University of Ado Ekiti now Ekiti State University; I'm happily married.

What are your likes and dislikes?

I like hard-working and faithful people while I dislikes pretense and lies.

How would you describe yourself from people's perception?

I'm a quiet and gentle person. I don't have friends, I love maintaining my lane and minding my business but people assumed not being socialise to being proud.

As a baker what is your best tool?

All my tools are precious and are the best to me because they all have their functions.

What prompts your entry into the baking industry?

The passion I have for baking and decoration at a tender age.

How did the journey started?

In fact, right from college days, I developed an interest in cooking which my mother noticed. However after my university education while awaiting my call up letter to serve my 'FatherLand' my mother introduced me to an Home-Economics teacher in her school, though she was not a professional she gave me an insights into baking. While I was a Bursar, I enrolled in a baking school nearby, learnt and became a certified baker, then got more professional training on baking.

How has the journey been?

It has not been easy but God has been faithful. I've been in this industry officially for 5 years. The understanding of clients I have makes it easy and awesome for me.

What keeps you going as a baker?

The passion I have for baking, there is no time of the day I can't work.

Apart from being a baker, what else are you into?

I believe in multiple streams of income as long as it's legal and money making. I'm into rental services and cake box making too.

What do you like most about catering services?

The cooking aspect and the good remarks I get after the job is what I like most about catering services.

How do you balance between being a Baker, Event Decorator & Caterer?

These three jobs are tasking and demanding but I've been able to balance the three equally. So whenever I have a baking and decoration job I bake the cake ahead of time then decorate the venue a day or the very day of the event.

How has the present increase in baking materials affect your production supply and customer patronages?

It has adverse effects on my cake production as I can't give less than good quality but God has kept me going in the cake industry.

If given an opportunity to regulate the baking industry, what would be your number priority?

My number one priority would be cake-pricing; it's a big challenge which affect upcoming bakers; there should be price controls which ought to be uniform.

How do you handle difficult customer(s), any experience?

I stop taking orders of difficult customers though I've not been having difficult customers I had only one who complains a lot. Then she requested for a '10inches' cake which was delivered but wasn't too high because she didn't pay the right amount however when I delivered the cake she complained saying it wasn't up to the size, called her caterer to measure the cake with a tape rule to make sure it is up to 10inches which really pissed me off but I remained quiet; since then I stopped taking her orders.

Any memorable day that makes you feel unique from a customer?

Yes! I feel honored whenever clients pay for an order, appreciates the delivery and do not complain but rather praise.

Considering your former job and life as an Entrepreneur; which pays best and why?

Actually, it pays to be an Entrepreneur! I was formerly working as a Bursar in a school which was very tasking and risky even during school holidays the bulk of load is always much but as an Entrepreneur I dictate and control my time. While I was working I was paid peanuts compared to what I get from my business now.

How do you handle a last -minute order without compromising your quality and health?

I tried to manage the time interval very well though I reject orders with very short time-frame.

Do you have any special recipe? What makes it unique?

I have no special recipe as all my recipes are special and unique.

Do you believe in Mentoring? What's your view about those Mentor(s) that are bossy?

Yes, I believe in mentoring. Mentoring is good but it all depends on the type of mentor you have. Some mentors can be bossy while others are cool.

What is your view(s) about Entrepreneurship? How can the government encourage youths participation?

Great! Entrepreneurship has a lot of advantages by providing jobs for the massive youths. While the government should support entrepreneurship by encouraging youths through loans thereby reducing social vices.

How do you handle a three in one event in which you bake the Wedding cake, caters for the guests and decorate the event hall as well?

So far I've not gotten that type of order but I've handled orders of cake and hall decoration; whereby I'll bake the cake before the event and decorate the venue a day or the event day.

Can describe your experience as a baker?

It's been a great experience 'life as a baker' is beautiful because "bakers make the world smell nice." Also, it has availed me the opportunity of creating a niche for myself; my works give me joy while I'm happy seeing smiles on my customers.

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