Sunday, June 24, 2018

We’re born Eagles with question mark, says Fr. Dzugwe - ITREALMS Online

The gospel of today, ends with people questioning ‘what will this Child be?’. This is the question that immediately hangs upon our head once we are born. Every serious Christian's life is a journey in answer to this question. The secret to this answer is a sincere pursuit of our purpose in life with honest fidelity to God’s instructions.

WE ARE BORN WITH A GREAT DESTINY! We are born eagles! Not Chickens! No body is created with an insignificant destiny. God has earmarked a great destiny for all of us. Our task is to maximize our potentials and achieve our destiny. The plans he has for us are always great (Jer. 29: 11). Like today’s first reading avers (Isaiah 49:1-6), the Lord ‘calls’ us before we were born, ‘equips’ us and gives a unique ‘name’ (like John’s-unique, irreplaceable, unlike no other). This ‘call’ is a call unto something; a position, a role, a status…. This ‘name’ is also the symbolism for the uniqueness of the task, roles, status, vocation that the Lord has allotted for us. Unfortunately, the devil also has his own plans for each and every individual, and many end up living out the plans of the devil and not that of God.

•             Like David in today’s 2nd Reading.
WE ARE BORN WITH A ‘NAME’: There is some sort of uniqueness and specificity about our vocation in life which must never drown in the sea of ‘others. Today, Many have sacrificed their unique vocation (their name) in life at the altar of trade-unionism, crowd mentality, *cultism, fake life, dangerous imitation

EVERY CHRISTIAN IS CALLED TO BE A HERALD OF CHRIST: This is the sense in which we all share in the vocation of John the Baptist. We all have a duty to selflessly point out Christ to others by our lives, words and comportment. We have a challenge to prepare a place for Christ in our lives and hearts, but also importantly to prepare a fitting place for Christ in our community and environment by helping to push back evil in order to create space for Christ wherever we may be. 

This is Kingdom service. This is the prophetic summon of Luke 1:76 which binds us. We must ask ourselves today again, how committed we are to it. We are called to represent the voice of caution, of control, of kindness, of rebuke, of warning, of prophecy, of challenge … wherever we are. John described himself as the voice and thereby taught us to describe and define our selves by the role we have undertaken in Kingdom service. In this light, what would you say you are? May God help us!

•             CONCLUSION:
Just like John, ‘getting ready’ and ‘making ready’. We are called today to imbibe this motif as regards our commitment to ourselves and towards those around us. As the opening prayer insinuates, like John the Baptist, we have a challenge of making ourselves and our world ready for the constant coming and final coming of Christ our Lord.

•             We ask you Lord to give us the moral strength to re-examine again our commitments to the questions, wonders, and destinies of our birth and to rise up to the challenge and contribute in making the world fit for your coming. Amen

*Courtesy: Rev. Fr Simon Peter Dzungwe, who contributed from Ibadan, being a homily for Sunday, June 24, 2018.

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