Thursday, June 21, 2018

Pro-freedom leaders head to Rome for CitizensGO Summer School - ITREALMS Online

The third summer school organized by the CitizensGO is headed to the city of Italy in Rome in partnership with the Leadership Institute, reports ITRealms.
The Summer School slated for July 3 through 6 with emphasis on participation, training, and networking of young pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom leaders. 
A public statement from CitizensGO and made available to ITRealms, informed “We will talk about the most relevant challenges to our values, including gender ideology, attacks on marriage and the family, the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, and the violation of freedom of opinion in the West.”
ITRealms gathered that during the Summer School students and participants from around the world will learn how to improve their advocacy skills through full-immersion training and networking with influential pro-life and pro-family leaders.
Also, ITRealms gathered that topics that would be discussed include communication strategy, the values-driven audience, judgments and choices, identity as message, messaging toolkit, storytelling: connecting with people who share your values, television interview techniques, producing compelling video (to better distribute your messages), working with the media, etc.
Imagine the huge benefit that you and I, as citizengoers, get from a programme such as this and contact with people (especially young people) from all over the world who are training along with us to spread the values that you and I defend.
“We who build communities (this is why I am writing to you and asking you for help) will ensure that highly-skilled speakers promote the values that you and I defend as citizengoers. And this way your voice, and mine, and that of those who defend life, family and freedom, will be stronger, spread farther ... and fulfill what we set out to do: spread the word, spread this message and share.”

 Nonye Dom/GEE

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