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Sunday, June 24, 2018

BAT: APC successful convention, prayer answered in reverse of opposition - ITREALMS Online

The National Leader of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has declared that the national convention which concluded at the weekend in Abuja successfully, was a prayer answered in reverse of opposition request, and for the continuation of the Change Agenda they promised Nigerians in 2015, reports ITRealms.

He stated this in his address to the convention on Saturday, entitled “To Continue the workd we started” a copy of which was made available to ITRealms.

He also said the convention has given rest to the doubters who gave APC no chance of existence or of continued survival have gotten their reply in full. “Their envious prayers and complaints have been answered in reverse,” he asserted.

According to him, they (opposition) wanted to see the end of APC and pursuit of good governance for Nigeria.

“You should not forget, as I shall never forget, the strong efforts they made to stop us in the courts.

“There were twelve cases brought trying to stop us from merging, from registering the new party, then attempting to bar our candidate from the election.

“Lacking the courage to face the democratic will of the people, they tried to misuse the courts as a weapon against democracy. We thank the judiciary for following the letter and spirit of the constitution by dismissing this dirty dozen of malicious cases filed against us.

“With their schemes foiled, those who tried to destroy us must bear witness to the destruction of their edifice of corrupt governance and their dreams of unjust domination of our nation.

“While they planned a lifetime of greedy enrichment by looting the people’s resources and the public treasury for 60 years, we moved to reform the economy to bring development and aid to the poor.

“When they called for hate and division, we strove for compassion and unity. When they hoisted the standard of bias, we raised the flag of justice and the chevron of fairness.

“When they sought to make Nigeria a monument to corrupt government, we sought to remake Nigeria into a place of transparency and honest opportunity for all.

“The APC’s formation is the most important political development in our recent history. This is not due to the names of those who founded the party. It is because of the ideals upon which the party was established.

“The APC was not brought into existence to compel the majority to serve the few. For 16 consecutive years, the PDP had already assumed that mean role.

“The APC came into being to reverse this unjust equation.

“Under the PDP, the people were made to let the beast ride them.  The APC came to stop this travesty. By right, it is the people who are to ride the beast not the other way around.

“As we go through today’s deliberations, we must keep in remembrance and put into action the purposes for which this party was formed.

“Yes, human nature is partly composed of personal ambitions. Life would be incomplete without such goals and dreams. Yet, we must be motivated by other things more sublime than our personal benefit.

“As good citizens of Nigeria and members of the party, we must seek to prosper with society more that we seek to prosper from society.

“In the APC, we are many but we are also one. Thus, we must stand together for democratic good governance or stand not at all.

“We have experienced much since our inception. Unexpected events and harsh realities emerged to block our way. Those who detest progress fought severely against us. And they are still fighting.

“Yet, we remain true to our beliefs. In a few short years, we have done more than the other party did in 16 long years,” he said.

Uboshe Uboshe/GEE

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