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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Best pill for free oil money

As the mother of all strikes to save the poor from harsh policies from insensitive leadership, I observed that instead of responding to real issues that labour and civil society are raising, the government is scampering to deceive the poor to continue in poverty through some media and some bought-over Civil Society Organisation (CSO) propaganda.

None of the supporters of fuel price increase has told Nigerians what government response will be when a dollar exchanges to N450? Certainly, the pump price will go up again and again as new fuel dialectics will be developed to bamboozle unsuspecting Nigerians.

Government is not telling anybody their long term plan to stabilize the economy, halt the crashing dollars, stop the reproduction of insecurity across Nigeria particularly the ubiquitous and invisible herdsmen or women, turn around agriculture, education, or transport sector after wasting millions of dollars going to America, Saudi, China, etc, their arguments are that Nigerians should simply accept the price increment and be patient in adversity.

They are not saying how long the wait will be, when their Eldorado will come, when their plans will be out? Even many nations governments have visited for loan and support are no longer sure the way Nigeria is being run whether anything has changed.

Why must we be in more danger than the period the country’s leadership was seen as very corrupt? Why is the pump price increase is not called deregulation, end of subsidy, if it ever existed, or any name? Because they are locking around for another onslaught against unsuspecting Nigerians.

Free oil money has freed the knowledge of all Nigerian leaders from ideas that can make Nigeria great. As patriotic Nigerians step out to oppose the harsh pump price increase, the God of Nigeria will go with us all. Let the god of Nigeria leader remain asleep until victory is achieved, can I hear you say, amen.

Fuel price increase is the only imaginary magic wand of past and present Nigeria leaders that has never ever worked for Nigerian people, yet it is always recommended as the best pill. It has never worked while poor Nigerians waited in vain. Come out with your patriotic cap armed with better ideas to force fuel price down and our refineries up. Victory shall be for Nigerians.

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