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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Goodbye fuel: Car running on air, water debuts

An Israeli firm, Phinergy, has created a technology that uses metal, air and water to power a vehicle, reports ITRealms.

Metal-air technology, ITRealms gathered, has been at the forefront of energy research for years, due to its enormous energy potential, thus Phinergy's technological breakthroughs allow it to efficiently utilize this potential for various applications, outperforming conventional batteries.Since 2008, 
Phinergy, benefiting from more than a decade of academic research at Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv, has been successfully developing this technology by utilizing the energy stored in metal.

Phinergy’s battery creates energy by combining aluminum and ambient air with water, just as the company experts explained that the difference between this process and other electric-powered vehicles is comparable to the difference between a human scuba diver who must carry his oxygen in a balloon on his back, and a fish, which simply utilizes the oxygen contained in water by breathing through its gills. Due to the unique technology, the battery is immune to CO2-related problems, which, according to Phinergy, has been the leading cause of metal-air battery failure in the past.

One of the most attractive aspects of this technology is that instead of having to refuel with gasoline every several hundred miles, or having to recharge or exchange a battery, the only necessary ingredient for refueling is water – a resource that is widely available, giving these cars a range that is virtually unlimited and making them very cost-efficient.

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