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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

NextGen@ICANN guides graduates, undergraduates into ICANN

The NextGen@ICANN programme has been formalized as a staple Development and Public Responsibility Department (DPRD) initiative of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, to engage regionally based undergraduate and graduate students at its meetings, and introduce them into the organization through guided programming, ITRealms reports.

The NextGen@ICANN programme was initially organized at ICANN49 in Singapore with DotAsia and NetMission and has been successfully replicated at both ICANN50 in London and ICANN51 in Los Angeles.

ICANN's DPRD, ITRealms gathered, has announced the newest group of admitted members to the popular NextGen@ICANN programme. Started just one year ago, this programme has quickly grown and become one of the most exciting opportunities for members of the next generation of Internet users to get involved with ICANN and the global Internet community.

The NextGen@ICANN programme saw more than 60 applications for roughly a dozen spots. Of those applicants, the NextGen Selection Committee chose 13 applicants to invite to the programme. The Committee also selected a NextGen@ICANN Ambassador, a previous NextGen@ICANN member who will be on hand to help facilitate the programme and provide a link to previous programmes.

The successful NextGen@ICANN, ITRealms informs, include Sana Ali – England, Rachel Barry – Ireland, Benjamin Bergemann – Germany, Tamara Bizyuk – Ukraine, Michael Booth – England, Agustina Callegari - Argentina (NextGen Ambassador) ,Giovanna Carloni – England, Alexandra Chernyavskaya – England, Christopher Dennett – Wales, Ayden Férdeline – England, Vinzenz Heussier – Austria, Jelena Ožegović – Serbia, Stacie Walsh – England, Monika Zainierute – Lithuania.

As part of the Development and Public Responsibility Department's (DPRD) ongoing work to support the next generation of Internet users, the NextGen@ICANN programme was designed as a staple DPRD initiative to engage regionally based undergraduate and graduate students at ICANN meetings, and introduce them to ICANN through guided programming.

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