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Saturday, September 26, 2015

3,357 respondents participated in ICANN consumer survey - Nielsen

A total of 3,357 respondents participated in the consumer and registrant survey conducted by Nielsen for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), reports ITRealms.

An extract from the whole survey report made available to ITRealms, out of the 3,357 responses included in the final sample, 768 came from the ICANN-supplied lists, while 2,589 from Nielsen.

This is coming out of the specific 6,144 adult were surveyed between consumers and registrants.

ITRealms notes that the survey was precipitated by ICANN commissioning of the exercise as part of the recommendations from the Implementation Advisory Group on Competition, Consumer Choice and Consumer Trust (IAG-CCT). 

Whereas the IAG-CCT concluded its work in September 2014 and recommended to the ICANN Board 66 metrics to measure how the New gTLD Programme has impacted competition, consumer choice and consumer trust in the domain name space.

However, among those 66 metrics, a subset of 11 were identified as best being measured using a global survey of Internet users and following Response for Proposal (RFP) conducted openly by ICANN the consultancy was awarded and contract signed with Nielsen to conduct the study in November 2014.

According to Nielsen, they surveyed 6,144 adults ages 18 and older, who spend 5 or more hours a week on the Internet for the Internet consumer survey and they represented all five of ICANN's geographic regions. 

“Respondents came from 24 countries, representing 75 per cent of the world's Internet users: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, United States, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia. The results were reported at a 95 per cent confidence level,” officials of Nielsen stated in the report made available to ITRealms.

Whereas Nielsen also reported that they completed the survey of domain name registrants, with 3,357 registrants from the same countries, the results were reported at a 95 per cent confidence level. 

Nielsen explained that to be included in the sample, “respondents were screened to ensure they were 18 and older, had ever registered a domain name, were at least a partial decision maker in domain name registrations, were aware of the purpose of the domain name and in which TLDs names had been registered.”

As said by the report, domain name registrants were identified using several sources provided by ICANN to Nielsen with a sample of WHOIS records used in the 2014 and conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. 

“Due to a low response rate to emailed invitations to complete the survey, ICANN then worked with Domain Tools to procure a larger sample of WHOIS records,” the report stated.

Accordingly, it was these WHOS records that were parsed and sorted by country codes of the registrants with additional parameters used for this sample comprising the domain name's creation date was not necessary for sorting records; The sample was created from gTLD domain names and excluded ccTLD domain names; The sample included, where available, a mix of legacy and new gTLDs. Records included in the sample were selected according to a standard process, e.g., a randomized selection of records from a registry, according to the established criteria as described above.

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