Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ATM consolidation to continue

Automated Teller Machines (ATM)-industry consultancy firm, Tremont Capital Group, has released its 2009 ATM Industry Fact Sheet, which summarizes the history and current state of the ATM industry with projection that consolidation would continue despite global financial meltdown.

Chief executive, Tremont Capital Group, Mr. Sam M. Ditzion, made this disclosure, last week, saying that among other findings in the report included that estimated 401,500 ATMs are currently deployed within the United States, approximately 202,500, about 50 per cent of which are now operated by independent sales organizations.

Also, Tremont Capital Group predicted that rapid consolidation in the International Standardization Organisation (ISO) sector will continue in the near-term, until consolidators acquire the nation’s remaining viable small to mid-sized ATM portfolios.

Ditzion noted that as the United States marks the 40th anniversary of its first ATMs deployment, the number of ATMs usage in the nation has surpassed the 400,000 milestone and cash remains the dominant payment mechanism for consumers, even as his firm anticipates three key trends in the industry this year, 2009.

First, he said, that average ATM transaction volumes will stabilize and possibly increase as consumer credit standards continue to tighten and the deleveraging process deepens. Secondly, financial institutions will slightly consolidate their ATM networks, whereas continuing to implement check-imaging upgrades on an accelerated basis, while the third, is that the ISO sector of the ATM industry will experience continued merger and acquisition activity.

Tremont Capital Group produced the report working closely with ATM International Association (ATMIA), which is an international nonprofit trade association founded in 1997 for the ATM industry, with over 1000 members in 49 countries, as well as chapters in Africa, Asia, Europe, Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

As an independent, non-profit trade association, our mission is: to promote ATM convenience, growth and usage worldwide; to protect the ATM industry’s assets, interests, good name and public trust; and to provide education, best practices, political voice and networking opportunities for member organizations.

ATMIA’s membership covers the full range of the ATM industry and business lifecycle, including manufacturers, ATM deployers, ISOs, private owners, networks, switches, card issuers, financial institutions and all providers of related products, services and consultancies.

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