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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ammar explains Etisalat’s call notification

The Vice President Marketing, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. Wael Ammar, has shed more light on how the operator’s Missed Calls Notification feature on its pre-paid package, the Easy Starter, could be optimized.

According to him, the value added service (VAS) allows subscribers on the network to know who tried to reach them even when they were not immediately available or while their phones were switched off.

Ammar also said the Missed Calls Notification feature is available to all subscribers on the Etisalat network at no cost, stressing that it allows subscribers to be notified of any and all attempts made to reach them at times when their phones are unreachable for a number of reasons.

A press statement endorsed by the Head Communications at Etisalat, Mrs. Nwugo Nwoke and made available to ITRealms Online, quoted Mr. Ammar as saying that the telco is helping to promote better business and personal relationships.

“Should a subscriber be out of coverage area or should they switch off their phones, they would still be able to know who tried to reach them when they turn their phones back on or get back into an area where there is coverage. This implies that all attempts to reach a subscriber on the Etisalat network are registered as appropriate and the subscriber is notified whenever they are back on the network, he said.

Ammar explained that the information is sent as a short messaging service (SMS) and includes the number(s) that tried to reach them, the date that the attempts were made, the time the number(s) called them and the number of times the number(s) tried to reach them.

“This is a first in Nigeria’s telecommunications market and is a default service on the Etisalat network that does not require the subscriber to take any action to activate it,” he said.

Ammar further said that the feature is unique to the Nigerian market and is in line with Etisalat’s sincere desire to get Nigerians talking a lot more.

“We are interested in getting people talking a lot more. That is why we have loaded our 128k Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card with a lot of powerful features to help our subscribers stay connected at all times.”

The missed calls notification feature, he pointed out, ensures that whether subscribers available or not at any particular time, he said, will still be able to determine who tried to reach you and when.

“You can then call the person(s) back as soon as you are able. That way, you don’t miss important business or family calls again. This would have a huge impact on your business and personal relationships which would certainly grow exponentially as you are able to talk to keep them going smoothly,” he said.

Describing this feature as another in the list of impressive free features that come with your 128k Etisalat SIM card, Ammar said other features include the Homezone, Recharge Others and Receiver Pays.

All of these features are value added services that Etisalat has introduced into the market in order to make life simpler for its subscribers,” the statement further said.

Etisalat Nigeria launched commercial operations in Nigeria last month with its Easy Starter package.

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Sani Garba Mohammed said...

This is a unique way of making the network reliable. I salute you for being the first to do this in Nigeria.

Unknown said...

I hope it will last and if if did then Etisalat would have started a revolution that will be hard to beat.This will definitely give birth to many of such goodies in the future.
By the way,when is the roll-out in Abeokuta,Ogun state Nigeria coming up?