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Monday, December 15, 2008

Zinox covers coal city with Wi-Fi

COME January 2009, residents of Enugu, the coal city capital of Enugu State, would be welcomed into the New Year with the coverage of Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) access powered by Zinox Telecommunications Limited, a subsidiary of Zinox Group.

The Group Corporate Affairs Manager, Zinox Technologies, Mr. Echika Ezuka, told Champion Infotel, that the deployed Wi-Fi is currently undergoing test run in the state capital.

He explained that the deployment would afford those living in Enugu to connect to the internet wherever they may be, within the State capital, free of charge for six months.

“With this development, the knowledge driven Governor of Enugu State, Barrister Sullivan Chime, has delivered on his promise to the people of Enugu State whom he has severally assured that his works shall speak for him,” he said.

Ezuka also quoted the Commissioner for Information, Enugu State, Mr. Chuks Ugwuoke, in a press statement made available as noting that the Governor is a man of few words and has severally assured the good people of Enugu State that the state will become a knowledge driven society by the time he completes his tenure.

Ugwuoke said that access to the internet and the World Wide Web (www), is the first phase of Gov. Chime’s action plan.

Equally, Ugwuoke noted that the developmental benefits of a knowledge driven society advised the government to enter into partnership with Zinox Telecoms Ltd to deliver the first of its kind super Wi-Fi otherwise known as Zinox Wireless Cloud all over Enugu, the Enugu State capital.

“We have the commitment of Zinox to deliver, test run, and commission world class infrastructure soonest, and I think you should allow them sometime as we just completed all documentations,” he said.

In addition, Mr. Ezuka said the partnership with Enugu State government is to deliver digital democratic dividends to the populace of the state.

According to him, Zinox is encouraged by the fact that few of the new state governors are now taking interest in empowering their citizens with access to the information highway, which he described as the freedom to succeed.

Enugu State, he pointed out would become a national model like Yobe State by the time “we commission this facility which is our launch pad for the Eastern part of Nigeria.”

Stressing that Zinox Wireless cloud is the only way to promote cost effective knowledge democracy in a state, as there will be equal access for the poor and the rich to the global knowledge domain.

“This is the way to go if we must build world-class capacity to achieve the objectives of Vision 20:2020,” he declared.

Ezuka emphasized that Zinox is pioneering super wi-fi in Nigeria and assured that on the first day, at least, 8,000 people in Enugu state capital are billed to connect to the Internet without hassles, thus unleashing the boundless potentials of the internet.

This deployment, he further said, would pave the way for entrenching of e-governance platform in the state, including e-Learning, e-Security, tele-medicine for effective rural health management, e-agriculture to name a few.

Mr. Ezuka disclosed further that Zinox presently owns her own hub and would in the New Year invest over N3 billion in the first phase of deploying transponders for the secure and cost effective bandwidth ring for the country in the firm’s new move to deliver knowledge democracy nation wide.

The management of Zinox, he said, believes that the desire to develop Nigeria would remain a pipe dream if nothing urgent is done to promote world-class capacity building, tagged knowledge democracy by Zinox.

The Chairman, Zinox Group, Dr. Leo-Stan Ekeh, was equally quoted as saying that the e-Strategy team of his firm has been working on some new inventions that would liberate creative but disadvantaged Nigerians and position them on the global scene.

“I can assure you well in advance that 2009 shall be a technologically rewarding year for Nigeria,” he said.

Launched this year, Zinox Telecommunications Limited, boasts of over 300 corporate clients in her portfolio and of uncommon technologies.

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akanu1 said...

we cogratulate gov chime for his vivion, leo eke also for what he has been doing if the area of it in the country.
one had expected that at least a week before the launch of 14th feb, that a test run of this service would have commemnced.
today 16th feb by 12midnight am yet to receive the signal at uwani area of the state capital, we have been carring our laptops all ove town to recieve signal, this is indeed not good enough,
from emene. to trans ekulu, gra, new haven except in one ara that it ccame in. etc.
my concern is that this project shoul not go in the ways of other well conceived projects and end up in a sham when the contract sums has been paid.
the test run shoul have started at least a week before this launch and all technical handiccaped looked into before the fanfare at nike lake resort hotels.
some thing must be done fast to change this impression peopje have started having.
good work and project only may it stand the test of time, we are nigerians and we know how well conceived projects ends of shabbly executed,

broify okonkwo said...

...broify from Enugu.
I heartily congratulate The Executive Governor of Enugu State, His Excellency, Barr. Sullivan I. Chime, for his visionary leadership and efforts towards making Enugu State ICT compliance. ...its a good begining. The newly launched City Wireless Fidelity (City Wi-Wi)is appreciated by the good people of Enugu State....soon Enugu will become a global Village.
Nevertheless, I wish to suggest, the government and the body incharge"Zinox Ltd" hasten up and extend the services to other regions of the State like Garriki, Awkunanaw,Idaw River and other parts which is not currently affected with this influx of internet service, so that they will join others in enjoying easy access to information and communication thro' the City Wi-Fi network. I'll equally plead on behalf of the good people of the State for the Government to extend the free access period to 6 months. Besides I'll like to be furnished with the exact information on the address /location where on can get the Wi-Fi setup Devices and configuration software.