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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ahead of New Year with Glo’s triple offer

WHEN the Second National Operator (SNO), Globacom Limited, announced its own New Year, penultimate Thursday, December 4, 2008, most Nigerians including a good number of media practitioners were taken aback. But listening to the Executive Director, Human Resources of the telecom giant, Mr. Adewale Sangowawa, while disclosing the latest packages, the message seems to have gone home perfectly.

“Today, we have invited you our friends to be witnesses as we mark the beginning of 2009. Yes, for us at Globacom, year 2009 begins today. The obvious question then is: how can that possibly be, considering that we still have 23 days to go to the end of the current year?” he enthused.

For him, the occasion of the announcement was historic in the sense that it comes with plenty of goodies for Glo subscribers, thus he proffers an answer; “In our tradition of being the first, we have chosen to enable our subscribers to celebrate year 2009 ahead of the pack. This, we have done through three special packages. While two of these are entirely new offers …, the third is our Win ‘n’ Rule promotion which has now been made bigger with a lot more offers and opportunities for many more subscribers to win.”

According to him, with the Glo’s New Year package, it is now a lot easier to win prizes in the promotion. Just as he noted that in addition to the 500 cars earlier offered, fantastic prizes including motorbikes, generating sets and bicycles could also now be won by subscribers, maintaining that the Win ‘n’ Rule promo has remained, so far, the biggest by any corporate organization in the country.

“You will recall that when we launched the promotion a few months ago, we said that it would take several years for that record to be broken. We have now bettered ourselves by further enhancing the offer and increasing the opportunity for many more Nigerians to benefit from it,” he declared.

The Win ‘n’ Rule promo, Sangowawa said, is just one of the several promotions Globacom has held since it launched operations in August, 2003 and factually, winners have emerged from the nooks and crannies of this great country, as “Students, teachers, civil servants, drivers, artisans, members of the armed forces, traders and other categories of Nigerians have all benefited from these schemes by winning generous airtime, generators, motorcycles and different brands of cars.”

He also said that Globacom had before now spent over N4 billion in consumers’ reward packages, which is informed by the operator’s desire to positively affect the lives of its subscribers, insisting that Globacom is committed to the provision of quality telephone services and is equally enthusiastic about empowering Nigerians, wherever they may be, based on two facts.

“Our passion for the Nigerian stems from two facts. One, Globacom is a Nigerian company and is therefore in a good stead to feel the pulse of Nigerians. Two, our company has enjoyed tremendous goodwill and patronage from Nigerians. Immediately after launch, Nigerians embraced the network as their own and within the first year of operation, Globacom became the fastest growing Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) network in Africa. This support continued in the outgoing year and we are signing off the year with a subscriber figure of 22 million,” Sangowawa said.

As the year 2008 comes to an end, Sangowawa recalls that Globacom recorded some milestones, based on the fact that it was the year Glo took a major step towards the realization of its vision of becoming the biggest and best telecom company on the continent.

“By rolling our services in Benin Republic and winning a GSM license in Ghana. It was the year we launched our Third Generation (3G) plus commercial services, the first network to do so in West Africa,” he said enthusiastically, stressing that within the year under review, Glo also commissioned several phases of its Optic Fibre Cable backbone to cover the Onitsha-Awka, Enugu-Awka, Owerri-Enugu, Eket and Umuahia routes. The facility, he explained would offer a better alternative for bulk voice and data transmission requirements.

“As we have often stated, these successes are all attributable to our subscribers. And so, today, we celebrate the customer yet again in an unprecedented manner with these three offers. For us, it is yet another opportunity for saying ‘thank you’ for their patronage and loyalty,” the executive director said, assuring that Globacom would continue to reward loyalty and give back to the Nigerian society for the tremendous support it has given the company. He was unequivocal that Glo would remain committed to its vision of providing innovative products and services to enable customers on its platform to continue to rule their world.

Throwing more light on the three offers, the Globacom’s Director of Marketing, Mr. Jagatjit Singh, said the Classic Plus N2009 Offer, Glo Time Zone and enhanced Win ‘n’ Rule promo, were all meant to appreciate customers.

On the ‘Classic Plus N2009’, he said, that this entails N2,009 worth of benefits to be given to every new prepaid subscriber who activates his or her line between Monday, December 8, 2008, and January 31, 2009, saying this is Globacom’s exceptional way of celebrating year 2009 with its subscribers ahead of time.

As said by him, subscribers would get free airtime worth N39 on activation accompanied with 22 free Glo to Glo Short Messaging Service (SMS) worth N110, even as the customer would be entitled to N200 bonus on usage of N300 every month for six months, making N1,200 free airtime for Glo to Glo calls. Singh also noted that the operator is offering N110 worth of Glo to Glo SMS every month for six months, totaling N660. Hence these amount to a total benefit of N2,009.

On the ‘Discount Time Zone,’ customers would be entitled to discounts of between 10 per cent and 95 per cent for Glo-2-Glo calls made, depending on the time of the day the call is made.

“Calls made between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. would attract 95 per cent discount, calls made between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. will have 40 per cent discount, while calls between 8 a.m. and 12 noon will be at a 10 per cent discount. Those between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., Glo is offering callers 20 per cent discount, while 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. will attract 10 per cent discount. Subscribers who call between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m. will enjoy a 30 per cent discount. This discount is applicable from the pear rate of the existing tariff plans,” he outlined.

Mr. Singh additionally said that the discounts are applicable nationwide and that Glo Time Zone does not limit subscribers to specific zones. This, special offer is applicable to all prepaid subscribers across the country and valid from December, Monday 8, 2008 to January 31, 2009 with exception of commercial telephone operators.

The third offer, Mr. Singh said, is the Win ‘n’ Rule promo, which has been on for some months now, enlightening that the promo is now bigger and better as it has been expanded to give many more subscribers the opportunity to win prizes.

“To the 500 cars earlier on offer, Globacom has added generating sets, bicycles and motorbikes,” he said, stressing that subscriber would qualify for draws for any of the items depending on the amount of recharge made in a month. Those who recharge between N200 and N300 will qualify for bicycles, those who recharge between N301 and N500 will qualify for motorbikes, while those who recharge between N501 and N1,000 qualify for generating set.

Singh also explained that recharge for the car prizes have been adjusted, saying that to qualify for a Mercedes Benz draw, the subscriber would recharge N20,001 and above, while for the BMW 3 Series, recharge of between N10,001 and N20,000 is required, even as “For the Peugeot 307 car, the subscriber is to recharge between N6001 and N10,000, while recharge of between 2,001 and 6,000 is required for the Nissan Sunny. The last car on offer, Kia Rio, requires recharge of between N1,001 and N2,000 for the customer to qualify for the draw.”

According to him, Glo by these offers is empowering its subscribers to celebrate year 2009 ahead of others with N2009 worth of benefits, saying, “So a new customer buying the Glo Classic SIM which is sold for N200 is buying a SIM packed with N2009 worth of value.”

Singh explained that although the N2009 benefit offer is meant for new subscribers, existing Classic customers could still migrate to the new package by calling 121. Just as, he said the latest additions to Win ‘n’ Rule promotion are meant to celebrate the Yuletide and Eid-el-Fitri and reward customers for their loyalty and patronage.

Reiterating that the promotions were another way of showing appreciation to Glo’s customers for their patronage and support throughout the year. “Globacom has done extremely well this year, with a subscriber base of over 20 million. This was made possible by our subscriber’s patronage and we want to say thank you to them. The promos also relate strongly with the festive spirit of sharing and we believe it will positively impact on the lives of our subscribers,” Singh said.

As the triple offer get underway, some subscribers have begun to receive their rewards, while yet many more are praying without seizing that the enhanced Win ‘n’ Rule promo alongside two others shall be their portion.

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