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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Optimising your Google mail account (3)

At this point, you can click Archive; the message will disappear from your Inbox, but will remain listed when you click the ‘Mom’ label, or All Mail. You can also still search for your archived messages. All you’re doing when you archive a message is helping to keep the Inbox clutter down.
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If you don’t want to mark all your messages from Mom one-by-one, you can set up a filter. The filter will detect when your mom emails you, and automatically applies the ‘Mom’ label (and if you’d like, you can send the message straight to the Mom section and skip the Inbox). To do so, just follow these steps:
1. Open a message from your mom.
2. From the More Actions drop-down menu, select Filter messages like these.
3. In the ‘From:’ field, enter your mom’s email address.
4. Click Next Step >.
5. Check the Apply the label: box and select Mom from your Choose label ... drop-down menu (you might also want to apply some of the other options, like Skip the Inbox, which will send her messages straight to the Mom section and keep your Inbox clean).
6. If you’d like to add the label to existing messages as well as future ones, select the Also apply filter to x conversations below checkbox.
7. Click Create Filter.

You don’t have to limit your use of filters or labels to any single person or email address, though; that’s just the beginning. You can create filters to detect messages with certain words in the subject line, the body of the email, or messages sent to a specific person, and automatically perform any of the actions shown in the image above.

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