Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Privacy Notice: Essentials about Google Toolbar (2)

Basic Toolbar Features:

Any time you use the Google Toolbar to contact Google, such as by sending a search query to Google, the Toolbar sends standard, limited information including your machine’s IP address and one or more cookies.

This data is retained in Google’s server logs and protected according to our general Privacy Policy.

*In Toolbar 5, if you navigate to a URL that does not exist, the Toolbar may send the URL to Google so we can help you find the URL you were looking for.

*Nearly all versions of the Google Toolbar (except for Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer versions lower than 4.0) include one or more unique application numbers.

These unique application numbers are required for Google Toolbar to work and cannot be disabled. When you install or uninstall Google Toolbar, the numbers and a message indicating whether the operation succeeded are sent back to Google.

In addition, the Google Toolbar periodically contacts our servers to request automatic updates to the latest version, and as part of this request sends the unique application numbers along with optional Toolbar usage and configuration statistics.

Google does not associate these unique application numbers with you or your Google Account.

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