Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Forrester names HP leader in BSM software market

Forrester Research Incorporated, a leading analyst firm has named Hewlett Packard (HP) the leader in the business service management (BSM) software market.

Report released by Forrester on BSM report, said that HP software earned the highest score for business service mapping and the second highest score for both its overall current product offering and end-to-end monitoring.

Analysts at Forrester Research and authors of the BSM report, Mr, Peter O’Neill and Ms Evelyn Hubbert, defined BSM as software that dynamically links business-focused Information Technology (IT) services to the underlying IT infrastructure.

“The acquisition of Mercury Interactive provides HP with a strong BSM solution with a new and improved configuration management database (CMDB) strategy,” the authors wrote, adding that the HP solution allows IT to either take a back-end approach by monitoring the processes supporting the business services through HP business process insight software or by monitoring the front end – the end user experience.

On vendor summary specific, Forrester noted that the strength of HP’s modular implementation approach, allows quick time-to-value and a step-by-step approach to managing the business services of an organization.

The vendor summary also noted that HP Universal CMDB is “a complete system that provides the key capabilities required to support today’s business service management processes,” and that HP Service Desk Customers “are able to receive a closed-loop service health view.”

Vice President, Products, Management Software, HP, Deb Traub, pointed out that key technologies acquired from Mercury have allowed HP to become a leader in the BSM market.

“With the Mercury assets, HP can provide a comprehensive solution that enables customers to monitor the health of business services and applications from the points of view of the business, its customers and its partners,” the VP said.

He also said that the HP Business Availability Center software, a comprehensive business service and application management solution, helps businesses to manage the health of business services and applications as well as optimize their availability, performance and effectiveness.

“Using HP Business Availability Center along with HP Business Process Insight software further enables both bottom-up and top-down analysis,” Traub said.

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