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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Beta launches SpeedStar Skola PCs

Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for Personal Computers (PCs) in the country, the Beta Computers Limited, has launched its SpeedStar series of Skola PCs into the market.

Managing Director, Beta Computers, Mr. Will Anyaegbunam while disclosing this, said that it’s part of the firm’s strategies aimed at advancing the course of Information Technology (IT) development in the country.

He said that the SpeedStar Skola PCs, is a product specifically designed for use in educational and training institutions, cyber cafes and homes.

Mr. Anyaegbunam also revealed that SpeedStar Skola is already attracting patronage, just as it comes with one year warranty, covering both labour and parts.

“Skola Pcs are affordable to ensure that it is within reach of end users,” he said, pointing out that arrangements are in place with leading financial institutions in the country to grant educational institutions instalment payment facility for upward of 12 months.

“At very subsidised rates with deposit of only 20 per cent through the company’s SpeedStar Computer Easy Purchase Program (SCEPP),” he said.

The new product, according to him, enables scholars to enjoy the benefits of professional performance PCs at very reasonable prices.

“All SpeedStar Skola PCs come with the highly rated E-Tutor Educational software developed by Nigerians for Nigerians to cover the nation’s educational curriculum for WASC and SSCE,” he asserted.

Mr. Anyaegbunam equally informed that Microsoft Corporation has granted special concessions on the company’s office application software to ensure that scholars have access to a rounded Information and Communication Technology (ICT) learning experience at the least possible cost.

He further said that supplementary content is being developed for inclusion in the Skola PC package to continually enhance better value option for the brand.

He informed that SpeedStar Skola PCs entered market in two models, namely Skola 1.0V and Skola 2.0i, explaining that Skola 1.0V, priced at N44,995.00, is specially designed for scholars at pre-school, primary and secondary school levels to initiate and consolidate their use of PC for their e-learning.

On the other hand, Mr. Anyaegbunam said that Skola 2.0i, offered at N51,995.00, is a higher configuration for senior scholars in higher education.

“It is well equipped with advanced features to better handle multiple tasks and provide excellent upgrade options to incorporate and access latest technology offerings,” he said.

Processor used in the Skola 1.0V, he said, is very energy-efficient, using less than 20 watts of power, thus making it possible to work efficiently in hostile environment, where there is no air conditioning.

Beta Computer chief expressed his firm’s appreciation to Nigerians for voting SpeedStar the PC brand of the year 2007, which was presented to the organisation at the recently held Titans of Tech awards.

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