Wednesday, May 17, 2006

VIA keen to increase PC diffusion

By Remmy Nweke

Constant challenges being faced by Nigeria in its quest to increase computer penetration, education and awareness among the populace may have seen a clear solution in the mold of VIA pc-1 Intrepid computing solution.

This is thanks to the increased interest of Taiwan based global leaders in the Computer chipset and platform sector, VIA Technologies, as the company has advanced plan to unveil its PC-1 in the country before end of this quarter.

Explaining this recently in Lagos was the International Marketing Specialist from VIA, Mr. Werner Du Plessis, who said that through the VIA pc-1 Initiative and its Intrepid Computing Vision, the firm is building on this initial success by creating a sustainable and highly scalable next generation VIA pc-1 System Platform Architecture.

This, he said, combines the traditional strengths of the industry standard x86 infrastructure, namely its unrivaled compatibility, flexibility, functionality, and economies of scale, with ultra low power consumption.

Additionally VIA PC-1 has rich levels of feature integration to take computing technologies beyond the traditional confines of the PC into new markets, new environments, new usage models, and new product categories.

“The VIA pc-1 initiative is borne out of the desire of VIA Technologies to get computer access to the over one billion people all over the world, with concentrated efforts within the developing countries like Nigeria, that is, what Nigeria needs to increase PC penetration,” he said.

He explained that, centered around the ultra low power and highly-integrated VIA pc-1 Processor Platforms, the VIA pc-1 System Platform Architecture includes a growing number of VIA pc-1 Intrepid Computing Reference Designs (ICRD) that have been defined to meet the most common emerging market usage models based around

These designs are in power saving PCs, Mini-PCs, power, heat and dust (PHD) appliances.

Subsequently, VIA systems, e said, are specifically designed to be rugged and resistant to the peculiarities of most developing countries.

Currently, the Intrepid Computing solution that is meant to drive the VIA pc-1 initiative, has been introduced in countries like China, India and Egypt.

“The Nigerian version of the initiative would be launched within the next two months with all Intrepid computing solutions hitting Nigeria in 45 days” he concluded.

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