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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Nokia Nseries drives convergence, sells 5m

Remmy Nweke

Mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia has launched its Nseries, which drives convergence through its multimedia computers and experiences, thus reinforcing Nokia’s leadership in making the Internet mobile, just as it has sold 5 million of the series already.

Also based on its high-performance, Nokia Nseries has proved its multimedia experiences, which places the new devices as leaders in mobile multimedia.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Multimedia at Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, said that all Nseries devices include high-quality video and photo capture capabilities, superb audio performance, high speed Internet browsing and more.

“Nokia Nseries brings mobility to those experiences which used to be linked to a place or a single purpose device. When you have a Nokia Nseries device that is always with you and connected, you no longer need to sit in front of your television (TV) to watch your favourite programme or take along a separate digital camera when you go on vacation,” the Executive Vice President declared.

Vanjoki stressed that the goal is to make it easy for people to have their favourite experiences through sharing video, browsing the Internet or buying new music with them all the time.

The Nseries range, the officer explained is an iconic example of the fastest growing product category in the mobile space: converged devices.

Nokia expects that the converged device market will grow to 100 million units in 2006 and to exceed 250 million units in 2008.

Recalling that Canalys research in 2005 indicated that the converged device market will reached 53 million units with Nokia commanding more than 50 per cent market share of device.

Vanjoki pointed out that Nokia Nseries is here to address this fast growing market and “we have already sold approximately 5 million Nokia Nseries multimedia computers”.

According to the Vice President, people want to have a device that gives them access to all digital content, all the time, wherever they are and at a reasonable cost.

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