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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Linkserve increases network capacity

Remmy Nweke

Premier Internet Service Provider (ISP), Linkserve Limited has upgraded its network capacity, as part of the firm’s plans to offer better services to the nation’s Internet savvy public.

The network upgrade includes both hardware and software in order to give an added value and stability to the network.

And given its antecedent in quality service delivery for the Internet community in the country, Linkserve is demonstrating once again its zeal to continue aiming beyond most players in the market by upgrading its network.

Chief Executive Officer, Linkserve Limited, Chief Chima Onyekwere, was quoted in a press statement endorsed by the Corporate and Marketing Manager, Mrs Ufuoma ‘Daro and made available to ITRealms Online, that this upgrade in both software and additional hardware was to ensure that Linkserve remains “the most stable network in Nigeria and give our customers the best service and value on the bandwidth they have paid for.”

He stressed that Linkserve network happens to be the only one that could offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service at bandwidths of less than 17kbps.

“Now it is even going to get better, as the new features allow even more savings and improved VoIP deployment,” he declared.

Chief Onyekwere also explained that the upgrade would lead to customers having more bandwidth for lesser amount of money.

This feature, he said, allows the Reconfigurable Computing Systems Technology (RCST) to optimize bandwidth as the sign-on to the hub.

“Customers will pay less for more than 20 per cent on improved experiences in browsing, which is a major advantage for cyber caf├ęs that use up a lot of bandwidth,” he asserted.

The Linkserve boss also said that the upgrade would have a multi-frame Committed Information Rate (CIR), which enables an RCST to configure return channel data rates below 8,613 bytes per second (bps).

This, he said means that Linkserve now offer a Small Business/Home Office (Soho) E-customer a cheaper price as most do not even use the 8k typically allocated presently and which was the minimum before.

“This is a huge advancement for Soho customers and even the bigger bandwidth buyers. But most importantly is the fact that wastage is completely reduced,” he noted.

Chief Onyekwere further said that for those browsing and those making calls on the net via VoIP, the upgrade would enhance their experiences, as calls would now be clearer and browsing faster.

“IP Header compression could now be controlled on a terminal basis, this means that when a customer is using voice, it would give you a voice compression” he explained, pointing out that in effect VoIP has become clearer immediately a call is placed.

Equally, he said, that the upgrade includes nighttime sleep mode and daytime sleep mode, facilitate, RCSTs to go into a sleep mode if not used for some time or go into a sleep mode at specific times of the day.

“A major benefit of this feature is that it is a huge way of saving the equipment,” Onyekwere said.

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