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Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Lagos SAT calls for better facility upgrade @PHCs - ITREALMS

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The Lagos State Advocacy Team (SAT) has reiterated the call for better facility upgrade for the Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs), especially in the state, 
reports ITREALMS.
Lagos SAT calls for better facility upgrade @PHCs - ITREALMS
They also pointed out that proactive actions to upgrade the healthcare facilities by provision of necessary kits for the smooth running and service efficiency will improve good health services for the host communities. 
This call was made by TB Coordinator, Mrs Ifelunwa Aipoh during the SAT team visitations to the Medical Health officer (MoH) of Ambode Primary Health Care Centre, Somolu, Lagos State.

TB Coordinator raised some of the issues identified at Bajulaiye PHC as dilapidated state of the building which requires a sporadic attention to bring it back to the state-of-the-Art, Long-Lasting Insecticidals Net(LLINs) non-availability in great number and inadequate medical equipment.

In addition, Mrs Aipoh made mentioned of an outstanding issue identified by the team last quarter in the area of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which has not been resolved till date.

She emphasizes on prompt response in addressing the aforementioned issues so as to improve good healthcare delivery in the community.

Responding, the Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Mrs Agboola Abidemi thanked the advocacy team for their continued efforts in assessing the progress cum state of facility at the healthcare centres.

"We appreciate the presence and contributions of your organisations both directly and indirectly. You've added value to the care and quality of service delivery; some equipment have been donated through your team's efforts," she said.

Dr. Agboola affirmed that the dilapidated building is a major concern to the Chairman of the local government and will be addressed soon.

Concerning, the LLINs, the MoH asserts that LLINs is limited to children that have completed their nine months immunizations and pregnant women.

"For a long time, State Government hasn't not been given out LLINs :they still provide but not adequate, it is limited to children whom have completed their nine months and pregnant women: Even, there're times we're stock out, It's noted and I will follow up with the pharmacist," she said.

ITREALMS gathered that some of the issues resolved by the community based organisations last quarter were the deployment of a doctor to Bajulaiye PHC and availability of more drugs to the centre.

The SAT team visitations comprised ATM State Coordinator, Mrs Bunmi Tejumola, State Program officer, Ms Temitope James, Coordinator, Network of Persons with HiV-AIDs in Nigeria (NEPHWAN), Mr Patrick Akpan among others.

Gbemi Omotoso/Editor

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