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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

HEDA, UNODC to collaborate, strengthen anti-corruption efforts - ITREALMS

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The Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA Resource Centre) has advanced collaboration with United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to strengthen anti-corruption efforts, reports 
HEDA, UNODC to collaborate, strengthen anti-corruption efforts - ITREALMS
This followed a visit to UNODC office led by HEDA chairman, Mr. Olanrewaju Suraju, aimed to establish a collaborative effort between the anti-corruption group and UNODC to bolster the fight against corruption.

The HEDA delegation presented meticulously crafted policy briefs, stemming from the Two-Day Anti-Corruption Conference held in July, along with other extensive research conducted by the organization. The proposed partnership between HEDA and UNODC aims to engage a diverse range of stakeholders in the fight against corruption and actively consider the recommendations contained within the policy briefs.

During the visit, Suraju emphasized the depth of research and the careful development of the policy briefs. These comprehensive documents were organized into five distinct sections, each addressing critical sectors: Anti-Corruption and Law Enforcement Agencies, the Media and Civil Society Organizations, the Presidency and Federal Ministry of Justice, the Nigerian Judiciary, and the Parliament; stressed the need to address emerging issues, foster public discourse, and stimulate debates based on the content of these briefs.

He further underlined the importance of enhanced coordination and oversight of law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies in the execution of their duties, a facet that has often been lacking and entangled in political considerations.

Discussions during the visit covered a wide array of significant topics. These included the effective implementation of the Proceeds Of Crime (Recovery And Management) Act, 2022, challenges faced by anti-corruption agencies, the Parliament and the Judiciary, and the role of the Ministry of Justice in supervising asset recovery processes.

The anti-corruption advocate also expressed concerns regarding the involvement of the previous administration in asset recovery management for personal interests, which had compromised transparency and accountability in the fight against financial crimes.

The Country Director of UNODC, Dr. Oliver Stolpe, acknowledged HEDA's unwavering dedication to combating corruption. He highlighted concerns about the current state of the system and emphasized the potential for transformation under the leadership of a committed Chief Justice capable of driving judicial reforms.

HEDA 's advocacy visit to UNODC represents a pivotal step in the ongoing battle against corruption in Nigeria. The presentation of meticulously researched policy briefs and the productive discussions with UNODC representatives underscore a shared commitment to combating corruption and promoting accountability in the nation.

The collaboration between HEDA and UNODC offers hope for a future marked by transparency and responsible governance. UNODC has pledged to review the policy briefs and further engage with HEDA on strategies for promoting these recommendations. The visit was attended by key figures from UNODC, including Country Director Oliver Stolpe, Coordinator of the Anti-Corruption Unit, Princess Chifero, and Head of the Integrity and Health Department, Muchaneta Mundopa. HEDA's delegation include; Chairman, Olanrewaju Suraju, Legal Officer Cecilia Ogwuche, and Tonye Dapa, Program Officer of the West African Bar Association.

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