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Friday, February 05, 2021

Social media backlash for Kola Adesina over stolen N7m phoneshop - ITREALMS

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The man who took to his Instagram page, @Kolliwilly, Mr. Kola Adesina, to announce the arrest of one Mr. Sunday, his former staff who allegedly stole the sum of N7m to open a phoneshop in the popular computer village, Lagos, has been receiving unanticipated backlash from social media enthusiasts including his followers, who were divided on whom to support, reports ITREALMS.
Mr. Kola Adesina who shared Sunday’s photo at the right; tied and undressed to his underwear.

According to him, “#Gotcha.. This is Sunday my staff. He stole N7m, ran away and set up a phone shop in computer village. Been hunting him for 2 months and got him this afternoon. He is chilling in jail where he belongs๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ƒ
“PS. I had him untied immediately i got to where he was caught. I’m against brutality of any kind.”

While everyone chided the Sunday man for stealing from his boss, his last line on the post which explain out why Sunday was tied up, both hands and legs and undressed to his underwear, spiked another hypocritic trend reactions from readers and followers.

For a lady identified as @sandyburger2: You are against brutality and you took a picture of a human being tie and almost naked on the floor while you were standing fully clothed.

For @richmyde
: There is no time to apportion blames, but asked Mr. Adesina to take a second look at what Sunday did by not lavishing the said stolen fund.

“Boss leave him but let him sign undertaking to pay back since he invested the money, jail is not the best. God bless u.”

Rich’s appeal provoked tolu_olupona who asked rhetorically, @richmyde "So you mean a thief doesn’t deserve to be punished? U must be a part of Nigeria’s problem."

Of course, @richmyde retorted, "@tolu_olupona how many politicians have u or the law punished in Nigeria. If the country is good, do u think he will take someone money to start a business. He has vision but ur country killed it for him."

Also concerned citizen who goes by @okpoweefecha
, “So sad to say that even though I don't support what the man did by stealing from you, I believe he had a good plan for his life that is why he never lavished the money rather invested it, and I put it to you that if you were nice to this staff he would not do that to you, most of you rich men under pay staffs and treat them as slaves, now you snapped him tied on the floor and you playing the good card but have shown his face to the world as a thief what a shame, know that all is vanity all the so called money you think you have today is vanity help the poor instead of disgracing him, and how am I so sure that your money is even genuine also you might have stolen from someone in time pass but today claim a saint and suffering that young man who has a vision to be great but wicked boss like you won't let him make it in life, putting him in jail is not the end of his life, he would come out stronger I believe, but a quick one know dat u a wicked man.”

Yet another follower of Adesina, @mz_aba_golden “In my honest opinion I think you should forgive him and release him from jail BECAUSE, he put the money to good use. U can arrange a payment plan for him or let him sign an undertaking to pay you back the money. God will bless you more for changing his life.”

Chuks Egbune/Editor

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