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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Get instant cash with Polaris Bank salary advance - ITREALMS

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The Polaris Bank has introduced salary advance to customers who may be in urgent needs, reports ITREALMS.
The bank now asked "Are you aware you could easily access funds for urgent needs that can’t wait till the end of the month?

"If you need to pay for that promotional air tickets; pay for your exams; make that short-term investment or attend to an urgent family commitment and you don’t have enough cash, just apply.

"Polaris Salary Advance is a readily available, convenient, and accessible solution to customers’ immediate financial needs, as long as you are a salary earner. It doesn't matter whether or not you have an account with Polaris Bank or not.

"You can get up to 50 per cent of net monthly salary in advance over a tenure of 30 days renewable monthly.

"No collateral required and it is available for employees or persons with assured income."

How to Apply:

1. You must be an employee who earns a salary or have assured/regular income

2. Dial *833*12# USSD Smartcode

3. Eligibility and amount accessible pops up on your screen

4. Your account gets credited within minutes.

The best part of the Polaris Salary Advance is that you don’t really have to be a customer of Polaris Bank to enjoy the facility.

Polaris Bank is a future-determining bank committed to delivering industry-defining products and services, across all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Nenye Dom/Editor

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