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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Exclusive: Owners of fake NCC's Facebook exposed - ITREALMS

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The persons behind the fake Facebook account of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) have been exposed, ITREALMS reports exclusively.
This is coming over three years after the FB account was created.

According to ITREALMS investigations, the “Nigerian Communications Commission – NCC- InfoZone” was created on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 by the owners of London-based NameCheap.com.

The fake Facebook page, ITREALMS gathered linked to “IJustShare.net” which was also forwarded via Ijustshare.com.ng registered by one ‘Dammie Owot.’

The purported NCC InfoZoneITREALMS also gathered currently has 360 likes and followed by some 383 others and it was linked to Ijustshare.net using a shortened Uniform Resource Locator (URL) via this link: https://wp.me/pbDtTY-2Z.

Just as the contact telephone line of the fraudulent FB page does not exist because it was incompletely entered at the point of creation and even inserted for sending of message. The phone has 10 digits only. That is +234806954179.

ITREALMS equally gathered from investigations that the above incomplete telephone number is different from the one Dammie purportedly used in registering the ijustshare.com.ng within the WhoIs operated by the managers of the .NG string, the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA).

In addition, ITREALMS uncovered that ijustshare.com.ng which though has a few telecom stories, especially Press Statements from the Commission, has a different number for the registrant and thrives in 'softsell' and 'ponzi' scheme promotion.

Also, investigation on .NG Whois by ITREALMS, showed that the site is hosted by a leading Nigerian accredited registrar with +234.70022332233 as Abuse Contact Phoneline, even as the domain was last renewed on January 23, 2020 till January 23 2022.

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The fake Facebook page which claimed to be of “Government organisation” has its linked registrant domain contact at .NG.

To reaffirm the fraudulent nature of the owners, ITREALMS further gathered that despite registrant name claiming “dammie owot,” the owner's claimed their registrant organisation is “Example Inc” instead of "NameCheap.com," even as the registrant street was just “London” the second street read also just “USA,” while the city of registrant was simply put as “Paris” and the postal code was “110001”.

ITREALMS has since confirmed that the name of ‘Owot Dammie’ matches the registrant contact with 07065184322 as discovered in the .NG WHOIs.

Meanwhile NCC has said it made report of obviously identity theft to Facebook to bring down the fake account.

As at the time of filing this report, ITREALMS confirmed that the fraudulent FB page is still live with event photo taken at the Commission’s head office in Abuja with bold inscription, the “Nigerian Communications Commission.” 

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Remmy Nweke/DoP


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