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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Okere: Every business is now startup, prescribes 5 forces to renovate - ITREALMS

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The Entrepreneur-in-Resident and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ausso Academy, Mr. Austin Okere, has prescribed some five forces for transformation post-COVID-19 lockdown for bourgeoning entrepreneurs, reports 
Speaking on Monday, Okere told ITREALMS that the five forces of transformation emanate from “Vision, Team, Time, Resource and Resolve,” declaring that every business is now a “startup.”

“It is now becoming very clear that we have gone from the shock of the impact of the pandemic and we are now firmly in the phase of life going forward,” he said.

Okere noted that in the midst of a structural shift every business is now a “Start Up,” and needs to think outside the box in order to discover game changers and ideas that could establish the spring board for transformation now and beyond the wave.

Okere, pointed out that as with all challenging situations, there will be net losers, resilient players and net gainers.

“The difference between those who make the leap and those who could not is impacted by how they stack up against the ‘Five Forces of Transformation.”

He posited that transformation, social-political, economic or business, rests on the five forces.

These, he listed to include vision multiplied by team spirit, coupled with focused time usage, plus requisite resources to bring about resolutions of challenges, especially at this post-pandemic era.

"Vision x Team x Time x Resources x Resolve = Transformation," he asserted.

Okere also cited for instance, that "A great vision is the first force and the crux of any transformation journey."

For the 'Team' Okere said that its the second force of the transformation journey for rapidly increasing enterprise that aims for a high performing team or a winning team.

He maintained that a winning team has both "Aptitude and Attitude, and consistently demonstrate a keen sense of critical thinking, pace, and agility."

Also, he said, the team must have a deep sense of alignment to the vision and autonomy to operate freely, while keeping an eye on the big picture.

"They understand the why of their roles and not just the what and how," he emphasized.

On ‘Time’ the Entrepreneur-in-residence tagged this as the third force in the transformation journey, underscoring the fact that this is the most significant limiting factor of all constraints.

Resources, he said, are not unlimited, hence, they must be provided in adequate measure to prosecute the vision.

Even as the ‘Resolve’ he defined as perhaps the most crucial of the five forces of transformation.

“It is this ‘Will Power’ to succeed that determines the fortune of a venture,” he counselled, pointing out that it was the resolve that drove the like of Thomas Edison and his associates to discover the electric bulb.

Resolve, Okere equally emphasised, speaks to the tenacity of the team to achieve the vision.

Remmy Nweke/DoP


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