" ITREALMS: Segun Nabi convenes ‘Super 7 movement’ to revitalize juju music industry

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Segun Nabi convenes ‘Super 7 movement’ to revitalize juju music industry

The erstwhile Lagos State Chairman of the Association of Juju Musicians of Nigeria (AJUMN), Ambassador Segun Nabi, has convened a Super Seven (7) Movement to revitalize juju music industry in the country, reports ITRealms.

Nabi, who also is the President of Super 7 Movement disclosed this at the weekend, saying its determined to take Juju Music back to the forefront in the Nigerian music, show biz and entertainment industry.

Elaborating on the objectives of the Super 7, Nabi, who is reputed as the ‘Governor’ said the movement is to attract more younger artistes in the Juju music industry, lamenting they are no longer encouraged and motivated to move up the ladder.

“Specifically, there’s no programme of actions for the upcoming ones in the area of promotion, social welfare, networking, musicals distribution, amongst others,” he said.

According to him, a few of known artistes are making efforts at ensuring things happen in the Juju association but were negatively reprimanded. 

“It was a tug of war such that I had to resign in protest. But for how long are we going to continue to run away from the need to change and do things right for Juju music?” he asked.

ITRealms gathered that the Interim National Working Committee (NWC) of the Super 7 Movement includes Segun Nabi, Shina Harmony, Seyi Akinz Samuel Tee, Femi progress, Governor General, Timmy Wonder, Oluomo Matto and James Micheal.

Further, the convener explained what the Super Seven symbolizes “Super Original, Super Excellent, Super Determined, Super Progress, Super Favoured, Super Connected, and Super Protected,” he said, stressing that seven stands for “perfection.”

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