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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Global registrant survey final phase on showcase

The Los Angeles-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has unveiled the final phase findings of its two-phased global registrant survey, reports ITRealms.

The study, ITRealms gathered was conducted by Nielsen, examines domain name registrants’ perceived sense of trust, choice and experience in the current domain name landscape.

The completion of this study, ITRealms also gathered conclude the separate consumer and registrant survey efforts that served as inputs for a community-based review team assessing the new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Programme in terms of Competition, Consumer trust and consumer choice (CCT).

President of ICANN’s Global Domains Division, Mr. Akram Atallah disclosed at the weekend that the findings of this survey are similar to phase one results, which showed there is stability across the domain name landscape.

“The global registrant and consumer studies will play an important role in measuring the success of the new gTLD Programme. I look forward to the CCT Review team’s interim report later this year,” he said, stressing that the online survey had participants which included 3,349 domain name registrants aged 18+ in 24 countries throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America. The survey was administered in 18 languages.
ITRealms also gathered that some of the key findings include perceived awareness of new gTLDs remains steady, declines with legacy gTLDs.

“New gTLDs that were in both phases of the survey show similar awareness levels, with higher awareness reported in South America and Asia Pacific. Awareness of several legacy gTLDs dropped slightly by five to seven percentage points.

On among new gTLD registrants, registering a single domain remains the most common practice, the survey showed that more than 30 per cent of survey respondents indicated they registered a name in a new gTLD.

Of those who registered domains in a new gTLD, 52 per cent had registered one name only, while 34 per cent said they registered two to three domain names. While survey reported registration of new gTLDs is highest in the Asia Pacific region.

Coming to registrants generally trusting the domain name industry, the survey revealed that trust in the industry generally remains high, particularly in Asia, even as registration restrictions elicit higher levels of trust, whereas positive reputational characteristics, such as business expertise and dependability, contribute to trust in the domain name industry.

On the ‘Many registrants choose alternative identities over domain names’ it was largely seen as a new series of questions added in Phase Two to gauge the use of alternate online identities, such as social media accounts, blogs or other tools.

Therefore, 24 per cent of these respondents said they chose to use a social media account instead of a domain name. While estimated 17 per cent of the respondents said they did not renew a domain in favor of using an alternative method for managing an online identity.

ITRealms recalls that ICANN commissioned the Global Registrant Survey in response to recommendations from the Implementation Advisory Group on Competition, Consumer Choice and Consumer Trust.

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